The first electric car suitable also for a long vacation journey. The brake through at electric only vehicles for the broad majority of the population

BYD e6 taxi fleet test in Shenzhen BYD e6 taxi fleet test in Shenzhen
In a year the fleet of 50 taxis drove test 2.77 million km. Individual taxis arrived here 100 thousand km. No loss despite constant rapid charging.

BYD E6 in Detroit BYD E6 in Detroit
The future of the car powered by solar and wind electric power. Enjoy car driving without becoming an accessory to climate change. A dream came true! BYD - Built Your Dreams!

Front area BYD E6 Front area BYD E6
To calculate driving resistance, it's very important to find out the size of the front area. The evaluation of the photo results in 2.5 m².

Interior of a BYD E6 Interior of a BYD E6
Typical minvan comfort is in the passenger room. The details match cars with internal combustion engines in the same price class.

The begin of the end of the ICE The begin of the end of the ICE
The 380V 100A three-phase current quick charging column and the BYD E6 behind symbolize the begin of the end of the internal combustion engine. An age ends for luck.

BYD E6: fair sensation at the Geneva automobil salon 2010 BYD E6: fair sensation at the Geneva automobil salon 2010
The first electric car, where it would be possible to drive with my familiy to Spain for vacation. The begin of the end of the ICE internal combustion engine.

Wish list for the BYD e6
Wishes for a change in the serial equipment, and what should be available as accessories. Maybe some is already built in, but I do not know it.

Air flow side window Air flow side window
On the side of the dashboard is an air opening, on this are the rubber seals of the front door. The air is direct blown to the window in the area of the side mirror.

Luggage department Luggage department
The main part of the luaggage department is 103 cm width, 80 cm from the tailgate to the back and 37 cm height to the covering. That are around 300 litre.

Back seat in BYD E6 Back seat in BYD E6
Comfortable 38cm to the front seat have the passengers in th fond.

Big plug for fast charging Big plug for fast charging
400 Volt 100 Ampere three phase current are enough for 69 kW. The plug for this power is much bigger than 230V household plugs.

Electric car BYD E6 Electric car BYD E6
4 different engine variants announced: 75 kW in front, 75 kW + 40 kW rear, 160 kW and 160 kW front and 40 kW rear. I will choose the 75+40 kW variant.

Child saefty in Chinese language
On this label next to a switch in the left back door of a BYD E6 is sure written “Child saefty“ in Chinese. Beschriftung Tankdeckel
News and statements on current topics concerning the energy transition, climate protection and the necessary development towards worldwide wealth. Mirror in sun visor with a LED lamp
Also the sun visor of the driver seat has a mirror lighted up with a LED lamp. Parking brake by pedal
No parking brake by hand, but by a pedal has the BYD E6. Steering wheel BYDe6
On the steering wheel are left and right 2 function groups of switches. More details on the close up photos on the next pages. Dashboard BYD e6
Coherent with the price is the dashboard of the BYD e6. All what You would expect in an ICE car of the same price class. Side mirror with signal light
Close up from the side mirror. It seems to be built in a flashlight to indicate change of direction. Driver door BYD e6
Close up photo from the driver door. Tires 225/65R17 102H
In this tire dimesion are tires for motor cars and tires for vans optimized for low rolling resistance. 12V battery for light
What does a 12V lead acid battery in an electric car? It's that the light does not run short when the DC-DC from the big battery to 12V fails. Engine department BYD e6
Presumably engine controller and battery charging arre here to find. Right in the photo a 30 Ah 12 V lead acid battery. Close up headlight
Here a close up from the right headlight. Asymetric windshield wiper
The windshield wipers at the BYD e6 are asymetric. A long and a short wiper. 4WD Four wheel drive
Close up from the right part of the rear. A second electric engine makes also the rear wheels to driving wheels. BYD e6 from right behind
Picture from BYD e6 electric car from right behind. Brand name BYD
Close up from the BYD logo in front of the e6 electric car. Height of the battery in the BYD e6
In the area of the front seats is the battery a little bit higher. The total size is 175 cm length, 95 cm width and 30 cm height, as far as it was possible to measure accurate. Sell 10000 times more battery per customer
BYD started 1995 as a producer for cell phone batteries. BYD purchased 2003 a car factory. Here the battery from my Samsung Galaxy Spica in front of the huge BYD battery. Spare wheel below luggage department
The spare wheel with the dimension 225/65R17 102H takes occupies much space. When I will drive a BYD E6, the spare wheel will remain at home, BYD cooperation with mercedes
My first impression from BYD at the Geneva car salon 2008 was “When the sun rises in the east, the stars dim“. It seems that BYD made also a strong impression at Mercedes. Back of the rear seats
The back is only to be foldaway as the wohle part. It's not possible to fold the seat towards the front. I hope for improvements until BYD comes to Europs Fast charging plug in the socket on the car
For 60 kW is a bigger plug necessary than for the 3 kW at a normal household plug with 230 V 16 A Socket for 400 Volt three phase current with 100 Ampere
Right from the quick charging socket is the covering for a 230V 16A socket. This to compare the size of the 2 sockets. IC card or credit card for electric power
After the language selection, the BYD fast charging cabinet demands the selection of payment method. IC-card or credit card can be chosen. Language selection at the fast charging cabinet
BYD comes to Europe! The charging cabinet can be used in French, German, Englisch, Spanish and Italian. That ist customer service, I missed 2005 very much at a gasoline station in San Marino. Instructions for fast charging
This instructions are on the fast charging cabinet left from the screen. BYD Charging cabinet for quick charge
Fast charging is only necessary at long range travels, continuous use as a cab or no power outlet at the parking lot. Green tech for tumorrow
BYD is a producer taking green tech for tumorrow honest, really creates. Driving cars with 100% electric power from sun and wind instead of insignificant less consumption.

  Vehicle types

Directory over different vehicle types where we have detailed reports.

BYD - Built Your Dreams, the dream not to be an accessary at the climate change, the dream to do all every day drives with cheap solar electric power.

Tata Nano
The duck of the 21. century. The electric version brings mobility for the poor in the world, like once the legendary student car Citroen 2 CV.

E-Max 90S
The electric scooter as a new means of transport where saving CO2 makes fun. Table of contents about all our contributions about the E-Max 90S electric scooter.

E-Max S E-Max S
The electric scooter as a new means of transport where saving CO2 makes fun. Table of contents about all our contributions about the E-Max S electric scooter.

E-Max S pictures
Big picture gallery with detail photos about the first long time test electric scooter E-Max S.

Vectrix Maxi Scooter Vectrix Maxi Scooter
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Vectrix maxi scooter technic
Table of contents about all our contributions about the technic of the Vectrix maxi scooter.

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Opel Flextrene
Table of contents about all our contributions about Opel Flextreme plug-in hybrid.

Renault Kangoo
Table of contents about all our contributions about Renault Kangoo, Peugeot Partner, Citroen Berlingo, Fiat Doblo.

Loremo Loremo
Loremo means LOw REsistance MObility. All our reports about the Loremo, which we estimate as the Ford-T for the 21. century.

Peugeot 106
Table of contents about all our contributions to the Peugeot 106, in the particular to the electric version of the Peugeot 106

Local traffic solution CityEl. Directory over all our reports about the electric vehicle CityEl.

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