Plug-in-Hybrid vehicles

Directory about all our reports about plug-in-hybrid vehicles, the solution for our future mobility in sight of climate change and increasing crude oil prices.

Opel Ampera Opel Ampera
The study Opel Flextreme comes more close to serial production and is now called Ampera. Would Opel started this some years earlier, Opel would now have no sorrows.

Fisker Karma Plug-in Hybrid Fisker Karma Plug-in Hybrid
Up to 80km electric only range, on longer travels provides a gasoline engine the propulson. Fisker follows the logical way to bring new technology first in the luxury class.

When the sun rises in the east, the stars dim When the sun rises in the east, the stars dim
Driving with fossile cars becomes more and more a burden. High oil prices and the environment conscience encumber much. But 'Built Your Dreams' from China shows a solution.

IAA 2007 concept car from Volvo IAA 2007 concept car from Volvo
Concept cars are usually nice to look, but not decisively for the future. But it is different here. This here looks like a normal car in the Golf class.

Renault Kangoo Plug-in-Hybrid car Renault Kangoo Plug-in-Hybrid car
The Dassault Group frees Renault from all sorrows regarding the CO2 limit. With electric power from renewable energy and Ethanol for all travels beyond the electric only range.

Magna Mila Plug-in Hybrid Magna Mila Plug-in Hybrid
Who wants me? The customer sure, but what car group? The Dassault Group presumably failed with the Renault Kangoo Cleanova II, now Manga tries it.

Chevrolet Volt Plug-in hybrid hydrogen Chevrolet Volt Plug-in hybrid hydrogen
32 km range with the batteries and 480 km with the hydrogen tanks. Mankind will seriously stop the climate disaster. Fossile fuels are highly taxed.

Chevrolet Volt gasoline Chevrolet Volt gasoline
The chevrolet Volt with a 3 cylinder turbo engine for the range extender. Because the generator is only used with high load, there is no advantage for the Diesel at small load.

GM Chevrolet Volt GM Chevrolet Volt
The plug-in-hybrid Chevrolet Volt shows on the General Motors fair booth the other options for the generator: Petrol engine or hydrogen fuel cell instead of Diesel engine.

General Motors Opel fair sensation IAA 2007 General Motors Opel fair sensation IAA 2007
September 13th 11:25, hundreds of journalists wait for the visiot of theGerman prime minister Angela Merkel at the GM fair sensation: The solution for our future mobility.

Renault Kangoo instruments Renault Kangoo instruments
A plug-in-hybrid has 2 fuel gauges. On the left the big gauge for the charge condition of the batteries, in the upper left beside the middle the gauge for liquid fuel.

  Car technic - traffic technic

Modern and future techology around cars and traffic. Introduction and evaluation for all alternatives of the fossile combustion engine

Electric vehicles
From the replacement of the fossile rattle stink moped by cheap electric scooters up to the electric super sports car. Overview about electric verhicles.

Electric engine for vehicles
Examples for electric motors built into different electric vehicles.

Battery: Batteries for electric vehicles
Electric vehicles and rechargeable hybrid vehicles are completely dependent on price and quality of available battery technology. Overview about the status of the development.

Batteries in electric and hybrid vehicles
Where are all the batteries inside electric vehicles? Some examples where the batteries are built into the cars.

Quick charge of electric vehicles
Plugs, sockets and load stations for the quick charge of electric vehicles and plug-in hybrid vehicles.

Hybrid cars
Why arrived the hybrid car not earlier. What problems solves the hybrid car? Can the hybrid succeed against cars with hydrogen and fuel cells?

Hybrid drive
Parallel hybrid drives and mixed hybrid systems. Only serial hybrid, also called electric vehicles with range extender are listed under generatos for hybrid.

Generators for serial hybrid vehicles
Even the most modern battery technology does not bring the range of the combustion engine. With a generator for long distances mutates the electric car to a serial hybrid car.

Hybrid vehicles
Directory about all our reports about vehicles with hybrid drives, the key for our future mobility with rechargeable hybrid vehicles.

Biomass fuel for vehicles
Directory about all our reports about vehcicles with biomass. Vehicles with bio diesel and vegetable oil

Biomass fuel production Biomass fuel production
From the simple oil press up to the most modern wood gasification to produce by the Fischer Tropsch method something like Diesel from wood.

Hydrogen fuel cell vehicles
Directory over all our reports and comments about the hydrogen fuel cell technology in the field of mobility

Hydrogen tank and infrastructure
How is it possible to distribute hydrogen to an gas station net and to store in the vehicles tanks? How real is hydrogen technology for mobility?

Hydrogen tank nozzle
How comes the hydrogen into the tank? At 700 bar or -253 degree Celsius no simple task. Directory over all our reports over hydrogen refueling technic.

Hydrogen vehicles
All our sightings of hydrogen fuel cell vehicles. Directory over hydrogen cars.

Aerodynamic optimizing
The latest tricks and trends to optimize the aerodynamic of vehicles.

Instruments and dashboards in cars
Unusual and innovative instruments and dashboards in cars and other vehicles.

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