Hybrid vehicles

Directory about all our reports about vehicles with hybrid drives, the key for our future mobility with rechargeable hybrid vehicles.

Honda Civic Honda Civic
There is not only the Toyota Prius Hybrid. The IMA system in the Honda civic comes very close to the consumption values.

Toyota Prius Toyota Prius
Who fears the 130g CO2/km fleet limit. Toyota can sell for each 5 Prius one luxury limousine and one big SUV and would be still below the limit.

Lexus RX 400h Lexus RX 400h
Will there be no big SUVs when the EU makes an upper limit of 200g CO2/km? What the German premium car producers pretend to be not able, Toyota is even today able.

Lexus GS 450h Lexus GS 450h
What have the German premium car producers for unnecessary sorrows about the 200 g/km CO2 limit for cars? The 250km/h electronic limited Lexus is enven now below.

Citroen C4 HDI Diesel Hybrid Citroen C4 HDI Diesel Hybrid
After VW and Audi had terminated the production of the 3 liter cars Lupo and A2, the next generation of 3 liter cars comes from Citroen substantially bigger realization.

  Car technic - traffic technic

Modern and future techology around cars and traffic. Introduction and evaluation for all alternatives of the fossile combustion engine

Electric vehicles
From the replacement of the fossile rattle stink moped by cheap electric scooters up to the electric super sports car. Overview about electric verhicles.

Electric engine for vehicles
Examples for electric motors built into different electric vehicles.

Battery: Batteries for electric vehicles
Electric vehicles and rechargeable hybrid vehicles are completely dependent on price and quality of available battery technology. Overview about the status of the development.

Batteries in electric and hybrid vehicles
Where are all the batteries inside electric vehicles? Some examples where the batteries are built into the cars.

Quick charge of electric vehicles
Plugs, sockets and load stations for the quick charge of electric vehicles and plug-in hybrid vehicles.

Hybrid cars
Why arrived the hybrid car not earlier. What problems solves the hybrid car? Can the hybrid succeed against cars with hydrogen and fuel cells?

Hybrid drive
Parallel hybrid drives and mixed hybrid systems. Only serial hybrid, also called electric vehicles with range extender are listed under generatos for hybrid.

Generators for serial hybrid vehicles
Even the most modern battery technology does not bring the range of the combustion engine. With a generator for long distances mutates the electric car to a serial hybrid car.

Plug-in-Hybrid vehicles Plug-in-Hybrid vehicles
Directory about all our reports about plug-in-hybrid vehicles, the solution for our future mobility in sight of climate change and increasing crude oil prices.

Biomass fuel for vehicles
Directory about all our reports about vehcicles with biomass. Vehicles with bio diesel and vegetable oil

Biomass fuel production Biomass fuel production
From the simple oil press up to the most modern wood gasification to produce by the Fischer Tropsch method something like Diesel from wood.

Hydrogen fuel cell vehicles
Directory over all our reports and comments about the hydrogen fuel cell technology in the field of mobility

Hydrogen tank and infrastructure
How is it possible to distribute hydrogen to an gas station net and to store in the vehicles tanks? How real is hydrogen technology for mobility?

Hydrogen tank nozzle
How comes the hydrogen into the tank? At 700 bar or -253 degree Celsius no simple task. Directory over all our reports over hydrogen refueling technic.

Hydrogen vehicles
All our sightings of hydrogen fuel cell vehicles. Directory over hydrogen cars.

Aerodynamic optimizing
The latest tricks and trends to optimize the aerodynamic of vehicles.

Instruments and dashboards in cars
Unusual and innovative instruments and dashboards in cars and other vehicles.

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