Batteries in electric and hybrid vehicles

Where are all the batteries inside electric vehicles? Some examples where the batteries are built into the cars.

Battery room in electric scooter Battery room in electric scooter
I put my camera into the flap. Viewing to the rear, my camera sees each time 4 battery cells side by side and 5 rows one after the other. 20 pieces 40Ah cells.

Opel Flextreme battery Opel Flextreme battery
The battery is listed with 16 kWh capacity. This sould be enough for 100km or even more. The range of only 55 km is an indicator

Volov plug-in-hybrid battery Volov plug-in-hybrid battery
For about 100 km only electric driving is the battery below the luggage department. The battery can be charged extrem fast, because it must also deal with 500 kW from an emergency stop.

Electric car with exchangeable batteries Electric car with exchangeable batteries
Dominantly in the trunk of the Fiat Doblo is a 300kg Lithium battery. With a fork lift, it is possible to exchange the battery in some minutes.

Batteries installation in the E-Max S electric scooter Batteries installation in the E-Max S electric scooter
Elaborately are the 8 batteries built into the E-Max S. 2 behind athwart, 2 behind the helmet locker, 3 below the helmet locker in longitudinal direction, 1 in front athwart.

Citroen C4 under the luggage boot Citroen C4 under the luggage boot
Where the conventional C4 has under the luggage boot the reserve wheel, are at the hybrid 2 batteries and electronics installed.

BMW Mini luaggage department BMW Mini luaggage department
The first version of the BMW Mini electric car has only 2 seats. The batteries take the place of the rear seats. Behind is only place for a briefcase.

E-Max 50 Volt 90 Ah Lithium Batterie E-Max 50 Volt 90 Ah Lithium Batterie
14 pieces 90 Ah cells from Thundersky make 4.5 kWh capacity and over 160km range. That's enough to be the electric scooter with the biggest capacity on the EICMA 2006.

Quad tuning Quad tuning
In this Quad hab been sealed lead acid batteries originally installed. To test his own products, Gaia replaced this with a block from 14 pices 60 Ah Lithium batteries

Small van: Battery chest behind the front axle Small van: Battery chest behind the front axle
Where at similar forward control chassis is the motor below the front seats, at this electric vehicle a chest for the batteries.

Suzuki Carry store with 12 batteries of lead Suzuki Carry store with 12 batteries of lead
These 12 batteries of lead allow about 160 kms of reach. What would be if? If this was no additional rebuilding, no battery of lead, but lithium ion batteries from Valence?

NickelCadmiumBattery NickelCadmiumBattery
There are In front other 11 batteries . The first row 4 piece, 2 rows with 4 pieces and then again 3 batteries because there is on the right in the picture the container for windscreen wiper water.

Ledl AS with 6 of 30 NiCd batteries Ledl AS with 6 of 30 NiCd batteries
In the boot can be 6 from 30 nickel cadmium batteries seen. Every battery has 5 cells, 6 volts of nominal tension, 100 Ah capacity. 18 kWh are therefore available for driving.

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