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Sledding Sledding
At last snow. Here I test immediately my electric scooter as a traction engine for the sledges. Video (6.8MB)

Electric scooter on a bicyle road Electric scooter on a bicyle road
I do not want that on my gravestone is written ''The car driver behind him had summer tires. So I use on the way back advisedly the bicycle road. Video (1,1 MB).

Test drive with the Vectrix maxi scooter Test drive with the Vectrix maxi scooter
Visitors tested in groups of 4 during the whole EICMA the Vectrix maxi scooter. Video (7,9 MB).

Twike test drives Twike test drives
Visitors had the opportunity for a test drive as front seat passenger on the cabrio Twike. 2 rounds at each test drive on the small test area in the fair hall. Video (4.75MB).

Vectrix Maxi Scooter acceleration Vectrix Maxi Scooter acceleration
6.8 seconds from 0 to 80 km/h. To move these figures in a video failed in the first attempt, the acceleration unusually high for electric vehicles was to surprising.

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