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Street scene from China
Mass media try to hide it. China has much electric mobility. Oil free mobility! 16 electric scooters, 1 three wheel electric scooter, 2 bicycles, 1 car

Electric mobility - China and BYD
To take the need to phase out the oil, the transition to electric mobility seriously, steer the country in the right direction. Model BYD and China.

BYD in Detroit 2011 BYD in Detroit 2011
The 3 great dreams of BYD: affordable renewable energy, enironment friendly storage technology and mobility bades on this. 33 minutes BYD presentation in Detroit.

BYD in Los Angeles with Arnold Schwarzenegger BYD in Los Angeles with Arnold Schwarzenegger
Press conference with govenor Arnold Schwarzenegger and the major of Los Angeles: BYD will have his US head quater in Los Angeles.

BBC shows BYD F3DM BBC shows BYD F3DM
Untill now, I have seen the BYD F3DM only at the Geneva car salon. BBC shows in this viedo a street full of charging columns, looks similar like parking meters in earlier times on the roadside.