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Winter sport Austria Dachstein West:  Höhbühelbahn
From the valley station of the lift Edtalm the Höhhüblbahn chairlift  already from wide ones was to be seen in the panorama completely on the right. Now we arrive  by the valley station. Family skiing region Dachstein West:  Edtalm T-bar lift
On the other way to Zwieselalm and after Annaberg we go past to the T-bar lift Edtalm. Family skiing area Dachstein West:  Falmberg panorama
By the climbing out from the mountain Falmberg, T-bar lift ,  one can decide between  Russbach Gosau in the one and Zwieselalm and  Annaberg in other direction. Family ski region Dachstein West:  Falmberg T-bar lift
The Falmberg T-bar lift, is partially very level. Family ski area Dachstein West:  Falmberg
On the way from Russbach after Annaberg over it farther goes to the Falmberg lift . Sking in Salzburg: Dachstein West:  Gosau or Annaberg
The departure 11 goes again down to the valley station of the Hornbahn, but we want to Annaberg over. Thus departure 2 about the level connecting piece to the lift Falmberg. Sking in Austria: Dachstein West:  Russbacher Horn
Start of our ski excursion: with the  8 gondolas up to the Russbacher Horn. Austria skiing region Dachstein West:  parking area Russbach
You reach 30.8 kms after the departure Golling the parking lot. In this overview board you can find out about all lifts of the ski region Dachstein  west. Austria skiing area Dachstein West:  sign Hornbahn
You see 30.6 kms after the highway departure Golling this shield. 200 ms after the shield to the right to the parking lot of Russbacher Hornbahn  turn off. Austria ski region Dachstein West:  sign Russbach
22.8 kms after the departure Golling: to the course of the left turn after farther  on the Bundess -streat  to Russbach. Austia ski area Dachstein West:  crossing Russbach
22.6 kms after the highway exit Golling you come to the branching out  Russbach Annaberg. Both places are entrance points in the ski region Dachstein West. Winter sport Salzburg Dachstein West:  Abtenau
20.6 kms after the highway exit: They drive through by the whole place Abtenau. From the shield '' local end Abtenau '' there are still 2 kms to the branching out Russbach -  Annaberg. Winter sport Austria Dachstein West:  crossing Lammertal
Shortly after the highway departure Golling Abtenau you come to a branching out. They drive to the left in the direction of Bad Gosiern, Radstadt, Abtenau in Lammertal. Family skiing region Dachstein West:  A10 exit Golling
On the highway A10, comes after the departures Salzburg south, Hallein, Kuchl the departure Golling Abtenau . Here you leave the Tauern - highway. Family skiing area Dachstein West:  A10 Kuchl
Still 6 kms up to motorway exit Golling. Then from the departure Golling it farther goes in the ski region Dachstein - west. Family ski region Dachstein West:  A10 Hallein
Most ski drivers from Germany come about the A10 Tauern - highway.  Only 12 kms up to the  departure Golling, from where it  goes on to the ski area Dachstein West. Gasoline station test
The tax inspector says, I should really belive, that this white paper is a fuel bill over 80.-EUR? 80.-EUR company expenses less. Parking heater only with second battery
Horor vision: a frosty morning on a lonely highway resting place. The SLI battery is empty, because the parking heater worked to long. The solution: a second battery. Dry camping toilette
For rare use is this system with low acquisition costs, but costly throw away bags an interesting alternative. Kitchen behind the seat group
In the lower part as broad as possible, at the top smaller to give a comfortable path to the rear part. Right behind the seat group is the kitchen. Seat group with turnable driver and front passenger seat
Much room more in the rear, by using driver and front passenger seat in the seat group. Bath in rear of a Mercedes Sprinter
Behind the white wall is bath and toilette in the Westfalia Sprinter conversion. The toilette can be pulled out from behind. Mercedes Sprinter extension from Westfalie
In this Westfalia camping extension is practically relized, what I plan for my own van. Reason to see more of it. Curious number plate
No! I would refuse to drive with such a number plate. Even when it's only a truck, to drive with this number plate is inhumane. Baby at longer car travel
Best to split the travel on 2 days. Start in the evening just before the baby starts to sleep. Continue the travel next day. Sleep in the car. Economic total loss
After I saw approaching from the curve next the accident opponent to myself, I made way so far like it without estimate danger possibly on the slope. Accident opponent after head-on collision
By my escape maneuver on the upright slope, there were with the head-on less than 10% coverage. The car turned about 120 degrees from the direction of the traffic. Whole motorcade on the mountain Gaisberg overtakes
A youthful speedster tried to overtake this whole motorcade downhill on the mountain Gaisberg street briefly before an unclear curve. Long distance in night with several drivers
Better without belt recumbent in the bed with a slept well driver than to risk with belts an accident with an overtired driver.