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Sunrise over the Mediterranean Sea by La Manga
Near the rising sun is an island with a lighthouse. In La Manga one can photograph in the morning the sunrise over the Mediterranean Sea and in the evening the setting. Beach jogger before sunrise
While I prepares me for making the photo of the sunrise, this jogger is active sportily on the beach. Renault 12
This car which probably to a construction worker belonged who establishes Golfresort Mar Menor   is more than 30 already years old. No salt dispersion in the south free of snow makes it possible. Sea salt production between Cartagena and La Manga
Shortly behind the beach Cablanque are the vaporization washbasins of a sea salt arrangement. Here sea water is pumped in. The water evaporate, the salt is left. Ebb and flow
And really dad with his prophecy surely has, 90 minutes later the sea has reached the sand castle and has leveled already mostly. The moon plays
The children build on the beach. To explain the ideal opportunity around low tide and flood. The moon will soon pull the sea water a little bit upwards and sink the castle with paddling pool. Yacht before Calblanque
Dramatization of the subject “ the engine boat and the swimmer “. Dramaturgy with the telephoto lens, because in reality some hundred meters lie between the both. Dramatic surf photo with telephoto
In reality my Mrs. is not schwimmer and the dramatically looking surf at least 30 ms farther is away from the beach. But a telephoto just pulls together everything. Wind power plant La union Murcia Spain
Already in visibility ruin of the old wind mill: modern wind power plants on the mountains of the abandoned silver mine La union. Inner life shows wind mills ruin
Almost how a cut picture shows this ruin the technology of a typically South-Spanish wind mill. On the right from the motorway N-332 San Javier to Cartagena. Don Quichotte wind mill
Typical wind mill in the south of Spain. Very similarly could have looked the wind mills Don Quichotte from la Mancha once fought. Immature oranges in the tree
The greenish fruit points unambiguously: on the 18th of September it is not the harvest time in the South of Spain for oranges. Orange plantation in Murcia
Few kms distant from new golf resort Mar Menor are an orange plantation. At the middle of September the fruit is still immature. Sugar melons in the field
A lot from what in Europe on the table comes comes from the region Murcia. Here 2 sugar melons in the field. Melons field by the big head
To the north of the mountain the Big head is called and also thus looks are many greenhouses and also this melon field. Scorpio aspirator
Anyhow this road cleaning machine reminds of a scorpio. Sighted in Cartagena Columns from architect Gaudi
The area before the entrance with the typical swung columns of Gaudi. Cartagena building in Gaudi style
Unmistakably from the architect Gaudi is this public building in Cartagena. It lies on the right with a main street in the direction of city center. Opel Zafira consumption
1.2 kgs of hydrogen on 100 kms in the European consumption cycle. However, hydrogen is very full energy with 33.3 kWh per kg. There are about 40 kWh on 100 kms. Test car fuel cells Opel Zafira
With the 10000 kms marathon are 2 fuel cell cars. While the real marathon car is underway towards Turin, the second is available for test runs. Test drive Opel Zafira hydrogen fuel cell car
Only gas pedal and brake. No gearshift but only push buttons for Forward, Backward and parkings. Thus it is a matter of disusing the left foot for the test run for the first time. Start from Salzburg toward Turin
The next stage to Turin goes more than about 730 kms. While today's diesel cars of this size have loosely 1300 kms of reach, here it goes only with tank stop. Railway station Salzburg: stage of the hydrogen Zafira
On the 2nd of June, 2004  the fuel cells Opel Zafira marathon stops in Salzburg. About 60% of 10,000 kms of tour of Hammerfest to Lisbon have already gone. Electric motor of the fuel cell car Zafira
60 kW or 82 HP of maximum power, 12000 U/min and 215 Nm maximum torque. In spite of 160 km/h top speed of the fuel cells Opel Zafira, no gear is necessary. Tank conection for hydrogen
Tank fill conection for liquid hydrogen. Not to warm up the extremely cold liquid hydrogen on the way to the tank and to gasify therefore a lot of technology is necessary. Liquid hydrogen tank for a hydrogen car
Here built into an Opel Zafira. However, with 4.6 kgs about 400 kms of reach, for it hydrogen gets lost constantly by warming in the tank and the vaporization resulting from it. Hydrogen compression tank for fuel cell cars
Only 3.4 kgs of hydrogen instead of 4.6 kgs in liquid hydrogen tank. For it, however, no losses by vaporization. For opportunity drivers on short distances the better solution. Cut of engine space hydrogen fuel cells car
Where otherwise the engine is, is the fuel cell and about that point the voltage converter. It converts the delivered electric power to a higher voltage for the electric motor . Section drawing: Opel Zafira fuel cell car
On the 10,000 kms of marathon through Europe this cut car Opel Zafira is to be seen in the accompanying truck for press conferences also. Fuel cell in Opel Zafira
200 fuel cells in series produce 125 to 200 volts. Top power 94 kW. The power density is 1.6 kW per liter or 0.94 kW per kg.