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Hotel Miramar Cannes
Photos of hotels directly on the beach of Cannes in immediate nearness to the film festival palace: Hotel Miramar Cannes Hotel Vesuvio with roof garden in Cannes
Photos of hotels directly on the beach of Cannes in immediate nearness to the film festival palace: Hotel Vesuvio with roof garden in Cannes Hotel Martinez Cannes
Photos of hotels directly on the beach of Cannes in immediate nearness to the film festival palace: Hotel Martinez Cannes Cannes festival center panorama
Panorama photo of the film festival center in Cannes. As for the photo ordered just a noble limousine parks before it. Spray bottle for sand skulptures
How does one produce from sand sculptures? This spray bottle of the unknown artist might be a determining tip. Sand sculptures near the film festival building in Cannes
Tries an artist to be discovered here or would he like only a few small donations of the numerous passing tourists? Parachuta behind the beacon of Cannes
Two hang on the parachute here just near behind the beacon of Cannes floats. Para Sailing - With the parachute behind the motor boat
An engine boat begins just to a Para Sailing tour, the parachute is opened ready,  however, the parachuter still stands in the motor boat. Cannes unicorn statue
Just near the carousel there is this well with a statue of a unicorn Carousel in the well-know beach in Cannes
Close to the festival building is an old carousel with a lot of interesting details. Bicycle police in Cannes
The bicycle policemen appear completely astonishing there. So fast that I can photograph them only from the back. Such surprises are probably a horror for crooks. Yachts in the bay of Cannes
Finally, the first impression after we have found a parking lot in shore street the numerous luxurious yachts in the bay of Cannes. Tiny shop around the corner
Yes, there is it still, the tiny shop around the corner. Here discovered in the city center of Murcia near the shore of the Segura. Back monument of the human rights
The Spanish inscription becomes light readably if you look at the picture in  high resolution. Monument of the human rights in Murcia
On the place Santo Domingo the monument of the human rights is also. Gigantic trunk
The trunk runs apart down strongly, thus as 2 ms would already begin above ground the extensive root system. The oldest tree in Murcia on the place Santo Domingo
So one would have expected a tree rather in moist Germany than in the sunny south of Spain. It is the dominating appearance on the place Santo Domingo. Santo Domingo church in Murcia
The church Santo Domingo was built in the 18th century. Facade of the casino Murcia
In the narrow lane of the city center it is not to be placed simply the facade of the casino in the picture. Ceiling painting in the casino of Murcia
Heavenly scenes happen on the ceiling. A case for tiltable display of the Canon S1 : the camera is laid on the ground, the display is turned upwards. Big hall in the casino Murcia
Vase in the foyer of casino Murcia
Detailed exposure of the vase in the foyer of the casino. Casino Murcia foyer
As if one was some 100 kms farther to the south in the Arabian space the foyer of the Cainos looks like. Murcia was conquered also once by the Moor. Casino Murcia
Fountain near the cathedral in Murcia
Fountain in the right side of the cathedral with details of the outside wall. Murcia cathedral organ and tomb
In the center of the cathedral there is this tomb. Behind it the big church organ. Cathedral Santa Maria in Murcia: altar area
High altar and the high dome of the cathedral. Only to take photos with flashlight is forbidden for the protection of the art treasures. Completely without flash and with tripod one may. Murcia cathedral of entrance area
In the entrence area the back of the big organ and a Marien's shrine. Cathedral Santa Maria in Murcia
After 1238, Murcia occupied by the Moor was recaptured, the mosque was substituted in the 14th century with a Christian cathedral. Monument with sculpture in Murcia
The pioneer of the today's helicopters died on the 9th December, 1936. This is the abstract sculpture part of the 3-part monument in Murcia.

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