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Motor scooter as an electric vehicle
Electric vehicles can only be sold in high numbers, if they are an advantage for the normal consumer. As a prove of this thesis the IO-Scooter electric scooter. Photovoltaic for light during the day
The small photovoltaic equipment in the roof serves for the lighting. As with the Ledl AS the battery system of the drive, here with 144 V, is seperated from the 12 V  light system. Suzuki Carry store with 12 batteries of lead
These 12 batteries of lead allow about 160 kms of reach. What would be if? If this was no additional rebuilding, no battery of lead, but lithium ion batteries from Valence? Suzuki Carry as an electric car
Kurt Schumacher and his Suzuki Carry altered to an electric car. 109,000 kms in 16 years and very many mountain passes has this vehicle already behind itself without  to remain lying ever. Solar cells on the Ledl AS
.The small solar module in front on the Ledl serves for reloading of 12 V  battery. 12 V system for the lighting is independent from the batteries for the electric drive. 3 kW of battery charger in the boot
18 kWh of batteries propel the Ledl AS up to 160kms. Then it is charged again with this adjustable 3 kW of battery charger. NickelCadmiumBattery
There are In front other 11 batteries . The first row 4 piece, 2 rows with 4 pieces and then again 3 batteries because there is on the right in the picture the container  for windscreen wiper water. Ledl AS with 6 of 30 NiCd batteries
In the boot can be 6 from 30 nickel cadmium batteries seen. Every battery has 5 cells, 6 volts of nominal tension, 100 Ah capacity. 18 kWh are therefore available for driving. Ledl AS Electro
Ledl stood in the 80s for hope for a cheap sports car. In 1990 a Ledl was bought without engine from the Braunsteiner battery construction for the rebuilding to an electric car. Maria Enzersdorf: Renualt Clio of the municipality
The municipality Maria Enzersdorf, the host of the event, uses in his fleet also an electric Renault Clio. The hype about hydrogen
The author of our recommendet book Joseph J. Romm was advisor in the hydrogen and fuel-cells program during the term of office from President Clinton Provisional result diesel of wood
Not at all like diesel looks the product of the lab arrangement. Then in the lab it is refined to diesel. 1 liter of diesel-like fuel from 10 kg of wood will possibly be it. Fischer-Tropsch experimental in Güssing
With the product gas from the wood gasification a diesel similar fuel is produced here in the research laboratory. Research station diesel of wood
Immediately beside wood power plant in Güssing is a research equipment for the possibility to generate a fuel similar to diesel of wood. Tractor tank - 275 liters for one working day
More than 20 liters per hour needs this tractor. Field work is heavy and requires as  so much energy like a middle class car needs at 180 km/h. Fuel heating for vegetable oil
Vegetable oil has only with 80 degrees the qualities of diesel with regard to viscosity and ignition willingness. The vegetable oil has to be warmed up for the cold start electrically. Heat exchanger coolant to vegetable oil
Engine space of a Golf TDI. The heat exchanger brings the vegetable oil on the temperature of the coolant. Only more than 80 degrees vegetable oil has combustion qualities like diesel. Refinery products
After in the oil press the press cake was produced the vegetable oil stores several weeks in an tank. After some weeks are 3 layers of different products. Press cake from sunflowers
With the cold press the yield is about 10% less than with hot-pressed oil. These 10% of oil remain in the press cake, an especially high-quality animal feed. Sunflowers oil: Pack the sun into the tank
A farmer needs about 10% of his cultivation surface in order to have enough fuel for his tractor. A ha brings about 1000 liters sunflower oil per year in central Europe. Sunflower oil press
Not only for people, also healthier for the diesel : cold-pressed oil. By temperatures more than 60 degrees would reach phosphorus and wax in the oil which damage a diesel. Refinery of a farmer
Independence of the oil price and self-sufficiency were the purposes for the construction this vegetable oil refinery. Who expects now high-complex technology like with an oil refinery Photovoltaic: about 555 kms per square meter and year
In Central Europe a square meters with 100 watts peak is good for about 100 kWh per year. Enough to bring the Peugeot 106 Electric 555 kms away. Dashboard in the electric car
After 12 kms of bath Pirawarth to village Wolkersdorf 12% of the batteries are used up. On top in the middle the Eonometer. Pointer to the means battery becomes loaded . The railway station Wolkersdorf
After 12 kms of journey Herbert Eberhart  reached the railway station Wolkersdorf. Change in the railway because the parking fee in Vienna also counts to electric cars. Zero consumption on the traffic light
With the stop at the traffic light, only the lighting needs electric power. With the engine brake before the traffic light the accumulator is recharged. Sparingly go made easy. Stoplight also by engine brake
If one in the Peugeot 106 Electric goes of the gas, the engine is switched to generator mode. In this case the batteries become loaded driving downhill. Trucks ahead - Traffic disruption
The electric Peugeot 106 runs into a column caused by trucks. The electric car is certainly not the fastest vehicle, but there are even slower ones. No automatic and also no gear-lever
The Peugeot 106 Electric has no gear. A novice could think, the counters for the electric window lifters, would be for forward or backward. Pedestrian's horn the less loud  second horn
This is essentially quieter than the normal horn. Each one, which already missed a silent  electric car, will know why this small cheep cheep horn is necessary.