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Mosquito fight
The nature reserve is taboo for the fight of the mosquito. Only in the camping site may be squirted. Thus come over and over again reinforcements of mosquitos from the nature reserve. Water ditch 50 ms to the east of campground
In this standing body of water the inexhaustible supplies of mosquitos grow up and complicates the life of peoples in the campground. Lizard in the pine wood
In the wood, but also in the campground we could see some lizards. On the ground between earth and dropped needles of the pines the animals with their color are camouflaged very well. Nature reserve in Italy close Ravenna
Unfortunately, mosquitoes are also under nature conservation because mosquitoes are the food for numerous other animals. But as long as the wind blows the mosquitoes cannot fly to the beach. Dumpster on the beach
The only piece of civilization on the beach are the trash cans put up at regular intervals. There exist no showers or toilets. Rowboat from the rescue
To have a better overview, the lifeboat is rowed in the standing position. Lifeboat on the beach
A catermeeran does not tip over so easily if one pulls a swimmer in need aboard and, hence, is suitable as a lifeboat better. No waves in Adriatic coast
During some days Adriatic is as smooth as the surfboard on which Johanna just lies. Almost no surf, thus as if one would be on the shore of a lake. Sand beach
Johanna plays with the sand on the beach with gladly. Without argument sand beach we would have gone this year probably, otherwise, to Croatia. Italy naturism beach Ravenna
Finally, after the pine wood to the right in the direction of south one can drop after 50 ms the tiresome clothes. By the way, such a strong surf is very rare in Adriatic. Drilling platform in Adriatic before the coast of Italy
Before the coast of Ravenna are some platforms in the sea. The next is already to be taken with 380 mms of focal length format-filling on photo. Luckily no problem for the vacation. Blackberries in the way to the beach
If your children know how blackberries taste, the way to the beach can last awfully long. Blackberry bushes can be found everywhere in the nature reserve . Way to the beach through the pine wood
About 250 ms to the east one must go of the camping site to the beach. Clothes regulations of the Taliban count to this piece of way. Earth without grass splashes in the rain high
Thick grass is a big advantage in the camping site. The raindrops squirted the earth up to half of the wheels high. Thus everything becomes dirty in the rain by round about splashing earth Swimming pool in the campground
It is hard to learn to swim In the sea with waves. This swimming pool in the camping site made it much easier to teach my doughters to swim. 15 m cable role
For what waste so much place for 15 ms of cable role in the car? This camping site showed us that 15 ms are really the absolute minimum. It reached just up to our tent. Outlet Italy - Italian outlets
On top on the right an adaptor is for the Italian house outlets. Below on the left the outlet is for the use outside. They need a plug for below on the left. Shady place with many trees
We could have saved the solar sail. Many trees on the camping site donate enough shades that tent and car do not become too hot. Camping Classe
We could give only Ravenna district Lido De Dante center in our navigation system. More simply it would have gone if we had known 44.23.06 N, 12.18.56 E as the coordinates. Classe the village not equal Camping-Classe
7 kms before Lido de Dante this tip sign provided for confusion. One detour later,  we knew that the village 'Classe' has nothing to do with the camping Classe in Lido de Dante. World store Perchtoldsdorf
In spite of the good cold refreshment bar on the event, I can not withstand chocolate coated nuts on the booth of the world store. Panel discussion about future mobility
On the left the vegetable oil discussants on the right side the electric car discussant. There is the bridge between them missing:: the chargeable hybrid vehicle. Motor scooter as an electric vehicle
Electric vehicles can only be sold in high numbers, if they are an advantage for the normal consumer. As a prove of this thesis the IO-Scooter electric scooter. Photovoltaic for light during the day
The small photovoltaic equipment in the roof serves for the lighting. As with the Ledl AS the battery system of the drive, here with 144 V, is seperated from the 12 V  light system. Suzuki Carry store with 12 batteries of lead
These 12 batteries of lead allow about 160 kms of reach. What would be if? If this was no additional rebuilding, no battery of lead, but lithium ion batteries from Valence? Suzuki Carry as an electric car
Kurt Schumacher and his Suzuki Carry altered to an electric car. 109,000 kms in 16 years and very many mountain passes has this vehicle already behind itself without  to remain lying ever. Solar cells on the Ledl AS
.The small solar module in front on the Ledl serves for reloading of 12 V  battery. 12 V system for the lighting is independent from the batteries for the electric drive. 3 kW of battery charger in the boot
18 kWh of batteries propel the Ledl AS up to 160kms. Then it is charged again with this adjustable 3 kW of battery charger. NickelCadmiumBattery
There are In front other 11 batteries . The first row 4 piece, 2 rows with 4 pieces and then again 3 batteries because there is on the right in the picture the container  for windscreen wiper water. Ledl AS with 6 of 30 NiCd batteries
In the boot can be 6 from 30 nickel cadmium batteries seen. Every battery has 5 cells, 6 volts of nominal tension, 100 Ah capacity. 18 kWh are therefore available for driving.