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The embrace of the bees.
Artist Bini created this piece of art with embracing of the bees as a motive. Dancer at the pit of the crossbow shooters
Statues of famous Italian artists which formed the coins of San Marino are in a park beside the pit of the crossbow shooters. Here the dancer from Crocetti. Pit of the crossbow shooters
The price of the freedom: always alerted, always ready to fight back. In the middle ages had the crossbow shooters from San Marino been very prominent. Fountain in the garden of Libuner
On the way by the passage of the savings bank to the pit of the crossbow shooters, on the right from the bended walls in the picture, there is this well with a big stone ball. The Statue of Liberty before the government palace
Also in San Marino there stands a statue of Liberty. The statue is on the place beside the government building. Government palace San Marino
Begining of the construction work in 1884, inauguration in 30. September in 1894. By the opening, poet Giosue Carducci held his famous speech about the everlasting freedom. Garibaldi monnument in San Marino
The worldwide first monument for Garibaldi is a work of sculptor Galletti and was inaugurated in 1882. In 1849 Garibaldi with 2000 soldiers was on the run. Coin well at   the entrance in the basilica
On the left at the entrance in the basilica of San Marino there is a kind of wish well in a wall, where the religious people throw  the coins in . Basilica San Marino
In 1826 to 1838 in the classicistic plan of the architect Antonio Serra built and in 1855 inaugurated. Pabst Pius XI raised her to the basilica Minor. Monument for the speech to the freedom
The  monument in the plaza Sant Agata is dedicated to the protectors of the freedom. It reminds about invasion in 1739 up to the retreat on the 5th February, 1740 of the Alberoni. Paraglider over the roofs of San Marino
The thermic at the step Titano montains seems to be strong enough, to climb higher than the starting point. Altar in der St. Franziskus Kirche
The cloister had been at the beginning in the place Murata. Because of constant invasion of the Malatesta family the cloister was moved in sure San Marino. St. Franziskus church in San Marino
1351 began the construction work and were finished of beginning 1400. The today's appearance of the church in the neoclassic style exists since 1792. Steeply build in the mountain
3 floors height difference are between the side towards the montain of this building and the side to the valley down.  So steeply is built San Marino in the mountain. John F. Kennedy street in San Marino
Every time we parked in the J.F.Kennedy street. For the first 3 hours 1.20 per hour. However, with 4. EUR one can park 6 hours, this reaches for Sight Seeing and food. Car license plate San Marino RSM
The coat of arms of San Marino with 3 towers of the fortress on the sign of a car. San Marino Panorama
From the mountain station of the cable railway photographed. The panorama shows the lower parts of San Marino. Cash dispenser in Italy
Here the cash dispenser in Lido de Dante. My cash dispenser card of the BA-CA functioned, the cash dispenser card of my woman of the Spängler bank caused a transference mistake. Lidl supermarket in Lido de Adriano
In the middle of a tourism area the market accepts only Italian cash dispenser cards. Who would like to be on holiday without cash is badly served in Italy. Lidl in Ravenna
Cheap shopping during vacation. In the way from Lido de Dante Campingclasse to Ravenna we discovered this Lidl at the first big circle traffic. Draconian hard punishments for GPRS abroad
Hard fines stand on GPRS application abroad. The sentence amounts to 15,000 - EUR per GB of data transfer with ONE. The only way out: with the notebook in the Internet cafe. Rainy day in the tent: take enough notebooks
Only once it was also raining during the day. However, we had been prepared with 3 notebooks very well for bad weather. Here my notebook and my both daughters in the tent. Mosquito fight
The nature reserve is taboo for the fight of the mosquito. Only in the camping site may be squirted. Thus come over and over again reinforcements of mosquitos from the nature reserve. Water ditch 50 ms to the east of campground
In this standing body of water the inexhaustible supplies of mosquitos grow up and complicates the life of peoples in the campground. Lizard in the pine wood
In the wood, but also in the campground we could see some lizards. On the ground between earth and dropped needles of the pines the animals with their color are camouflaged very well. Nature reserve in Italy close Ravenna
Unfortunately, mosquitoes are also under nature conservation because mosquitoes are the food for numerous other animals. But as long as the wind blows the mosquitoes cannot fly to the beach. Dumpster on the beach
The only piece of civilization on the beach are the trash cans put up at regular intervals. There exist no showers or toilets. Rowboat from the rescue
To have a better overview, the lifeboat is rowed in the standing position. Lifeboat on the beach
A catermeeran does not tip over so easily if one pulls a swimmer in need aboard and, hence, is suitable as a lifeboat better. No waves in Adriatic coast
During some days Adriatic is as smooth as the surfboard on which Johanna just lies. Almost no surf, thus as if one would be on the shore of a lake.

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