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Car dashboard tuning
What as looks here as round instruments is in reality a flat screen. You would see it at last, when the demo program switches to the next layout. Ford Tourneo Connect Camper bed
Now the bed construction is folded forwards. The headrests of the front seats are removed, so that the foremost mattress is supported by the back supports. Ford Tourneo Connect camper
On a rail construction the bed construction is driven forwards. The uppermost mattress from the last photois laid to the back. Ford Tourneo Connect Camping
For the conversion to sleep, the back part of the seats in the middle row are folded forwards. To see behind it 3 mattresses for the bed construction. Ford Tourneo Connect camping equipment
With a connection in the vehicle the complete equipment can be easy installed and removed. Bed, cuddy and in the kitchen in a drawer. Renault Kangoo rebuilding
The middle and front mattress is laid on the back mattress. Under it the duckboards from aluminum and cloth become visible which can be pushed together in order to save space. Renault Kangoo cuddy under bed
To reach the necessary bed length the back parts of the front seats must be folded forwards. The bed is mounted rather high and allows a lot of cuddy under it. Renault Kangoo with camping equipment
One can take out the whole equipment simply out of the car. Combined with roof tent also for a family with 2 children suitable. Tax save by VW bus as a camper
This kitchen block is to be come the absolute minimum of kitchen equipment to be recognized in Germany as a camping car. Bench for camping vehicles
This new generation of a bench was sighted first in Renault Trafic camper. Determining advantage: a side is optimized to seat, the other for sleeping. Renault Trafic Camping buses: Rising roof
The vertical side walls of Renault Trafic make possible a broader roof bed than with other camping buses. Whether probably many parents there sleep rather on top and the children below Renault Trafic Camper: Traffic jam box extendably
What does use the biggest luggage compartment if one must look with difficulty from the back and can find nothing more? This extendable platform with 2 boxes creates order. Renault Trafic Campingbuses: Curtain tailgate
The curtains in the tailgate are fastened by rails on top and below, so that these raises with the tailgate upwards. Renault Trafic Campingbus: curtain sliding door
Parallel to the sliding door the curtain rail is integrated. Good processing in all controlled details. Renault Trafic Camping conversions: Rear bed
No belt locks or hinges torment of the sleep ends. Who shops a camping bus should this bench-bed compare with the usual construcitons. Renault Trafic Camping conversion: back support
Now only the headrests have to be pulled out and the bed rebuilding is ready. One sleeps at the backside of the back support. Renault Trafic Camping cars: Seat bench invert
The seat surface is folded forwards. Then after the seat surface with the structures points for the side hold down and the sleep-optimized side upwards. Renault Trafic Camping car: rear bench
The surface of the seats has a clearly developed structure around the passengers for a better side hold. This becomes possible by an new innovative construction. Renault Trafic Camping bus from Weinsberg
More for less money one can say after the inspection of other camping buses on the CMT. Nordic Walking dangers on the fair
Even on the fair one must pay attention to get no inadvertent stabbed from the nordic walkers. Well, yes, at least space-saving as a Hula Hoop tire. Shoeshiner from the good old time
As a publicity stunt one gets on the CMT the shoes cleaned. It reminds of the good old time when  complete stress society  was not invented yet. LED parking light in the Phoenix motorhome
Big motorhome are to 2.5 ms wide. So a parking light is always necessary. A long life high energy efficiency solution are this new LED lights. Entrence to the roof terrace
The roof terrace is to be reached from the interior over the rear bed. From inside photographed the table of the roof terrace is to be seen from below. Roof terrace in the motorhome
As a specific feature of the Alpha motorhome is a solar terrace built in the roof. Alpha motorhome - the one with the solar terrace
The staircases was put up behind, so that the fair visitors can simply throw a look at the roof terrace. DINKs camping van
In the area the eurovan campers only very similar plans were to be seen on the whole fair for only 2 persons. Rear seat group behind, wet cell on the left, kitchen on the right. Roof tent - cheap vacation for young pairs
Even the smallest car is enough for spending the night, if already not in the car, thus, nevertheless, at least on the roof. Here demonstrates from the firm autocamp near Munich. Gasoline station in San Marino
Absolut not for a tourism country are the gasoline stations after 8 pm. Only Italian bankomat cards. All written only in Italian Evening mood in San Mraino
The Titano mountains are the highest elevation in the visible vicinity. Look at the deeper situated land parts of San Marino in the late dusk. Staircase to Viale a Onofri
On the way back from 3 fortresses. With so many height difference on the precipitous cliff there are in San Marino many staircases.