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Toyota exhibition stand EVER Monaco in 2006
Prius and Lexus in the exhibition hall and many Prius for test driving before the Grimaldi forum. Indeed, the hybrid models of Toyota are a considerable progress to the today's cars. Citroen C3 with 2 tank connections
The upper tank lid is for gasoline. At the lower one, natural gas can be filled up with a suitable device directly in own garage from the gas line. Gas pumping station in garage
The gas powered car refueled in the own garage from the gas line makes this device from Citroen possible. Citroen C3 with engine stop at the traffic light
Engine off at the traffic light. Why this is in 2006 a fair novelty? Why this is not natural already since decades? Is to cheap energy blocking the advance? Prince Albert from Monaco in the Citroen C4 HDI
With the inspection of the exhibit Saturday, 1st April of midday the C4 HDI  Hybrid was the only vehicle in which the prince has got in. Citroen C4 under the luggage boot
Where the conventional C4 has under the luggage boot the reserve wheel, are at the hybrid 2 batteries and electronics installed. Citroen C4 Hybrid engine department
At the first sight from above looked the engine rooms of Toyota Prius, Lexus and Citroen C4 HDI Hybrid anyhow very similar. Citroen C4 HDI Diesel Hybrid
After VW and Audi  had terminated the production of the 3 liter cars Lupo and A2, the next generation of 3 liter cars comes from Citroen substantially bigger realization. Citroen at EVER Monaco in 2006
Diesel or electricity in the C4, gasoline or natural gas in the C3. Unfortunately, the C4 lacks a determining feature which the C3 has: the second tank conection for filling up in the own garage. Peugeot electric motor scooter at SMEG
While there was nothing to replace an Peugeot 106, there had been 3 companies with 5 different offers to replace 50ccm scooters by electric versions. Peugeot 106 electric at SMEG
Regretfully, old Peugeot 106 was the only full electric car with 5 seats on the fair. Two-seaters or Golf cars similar open constructions do not count there. SMEG Monaco Electricity and Gas
The electricity and gas company of Monaco shows what since long years as company vehicles drives electrically. Peugeot 106 and electric scooter. Mobile chair for walking disabled person
2 sealed lead acid battereies with 12V 25Ah are enough for one day driving. Motorized chair for disabled persons, which can go short distances still by them self. For every wheel own electric motor
All 4 wheels of the wheel chair have an own electric motor. Besides, forward and backward the steering system let the rollers rotate free or blocks them. Wheels with rollers to the driving in every direction
The secret of the unbelievable agility of this wheel chair as for example parallel movement and turns right on the spot are the rollers mounted on the wheels. Control stick for wheel chair
Quite differently than expected reacts the wheel chair with a pressure to the left. No left turn, but the chair goes to the left. For a left turn forwards press and turn. Electric wheel chair
4 individually controlled role wheels with individually steered rollers give this wheel chair an unbelievable mobility in every direction and turns right on the spot. 23 kW generator with diesel engine
23 kW could be the drive resistance of an optimized Hybrid minivan with 130 km/h. Because of the batteries the generator must cover only the average power demand. 15 kW generator with gasoline engine
The size of the engine in a serial hybrid vehicle is substantially smaller than in a conventional car. Therefor is 15 kW enough for small cars and lower middle class. Lombardini generators for serial hybrid cars
How does one extend the reach of an electric car? Instead of more and more batteries one could also take a generator. The concept is called serial hybrid car. Big lithium polymer batteries
The biggest one of the flat batteries cells has 200 Ah. 100 pieces of it would even give a 3.5 tons truck a convincing road performance. Lithiumpolymer batteries
Sample suitcase for the different dimensions of lithium polymer batteries. Typically for the Kokam batteries is the flat design in opposit to the to the usually cylindrical shaped batteries. Lithium polymer battery
Kokam presents itself on EVER Monaco as one of the big hope bearers for electric cars and rechargeable hybrid cars. Around 170 Wh per kg makes a lot possible. Spike tires for electrickart races in the ice
There are electric Loisika kart races also on icebound lakes. For of such type wintry racing distances these speik tyres are intended. Kart drifts electrically on the racetrack
Already so about 20 m farther in the exhibition hall I noticed the kart presentation only by the noises while crossing ofver wooden plates sunk in the ground. Electric kart
On the left rear in the exhibition hall in the Grimaldi forum was a kart racetrack. I thought if there sometimes a presentation is I will certainly hear it. Wrong thought!. Biodiesel racing sport car cockpit
Very spartan it in the Cockpit of the Peugeot RC cup biodiesel racing cars. The steering wheel is removable to the lighter entrance. Biodiesel racing cars
One of 25 racers in the RC cup is used from Peugeot Germany and Total Germany. Driver is Patrick Hang from the promising corps of the magazine 'Auto Motor und Sport'. Racing sport series with biodiesel
178 HP from the 2.2 HDI engine have to deal with only 800 kg racing car. The design study Karo to the 25 cars in the RC series was shown on the Genevan motor show in 2002. Racing car with biodiesel
This racer of Peugeot RC Total Diester cup is driven by a mixture of 50% diesel and 50% Diester biofuel. The 2.2 liters HDI engine has a particle filter.