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Hybrid scooter
Up to 40 km/h electrically, faster with the internal combustion engine. However, who would start the noisy engine, after he had enjoyed the almost silent gliding? Electric scooter with lithium batteries
Instead of 2 kWh of battery with 60 kg of weight a lithium battery with 3 kWh of capacity raises the reach from 70 to 100 kms. The lighter lithium battery brings a better acceleration. Scooter consumption
Between fully and blank of the tank meter are only 2 kWh electric power for less than 40 Cent. After 4 years with 7500km each year is the difference in operating expenses Scooter extrem cheap
GoWatt offers his elektro scooter for 1249 - EUR. With 3...4 kWh of electricity instead of 3...4 liters of gasoline plus lubricating oil. A price which gives the 2 stroke rattle stink scooter no chance. Prince Albert visits an electric Maxi Scooter
What may the prince probably have thought at the Vectrix? Maybe about  how much better the inhabitants of his principality could sleep if all motorcycles would be so quiet? Maxi Scooter with reverse gear
If one turns the gas grip in the reverse direction, the motor becomes a generator to recharge the battery. Standing, the gas grip becomes even a slow reverse gear. 20 kW electric motor in the back wheel
No chain or cardan shaft necessary. The brushless electric engine together with the one gear is direct at the rear wheel. Maintenance-free for the life span of the Maxi Scooter. Drive tax-free motorcycle
In England motorcycles have a tax badge. This tax board mounted on a quick Vectrix Maxi Scooter points: Tax-free, NIL, nothing, 0 pounds of tax. Video-receptions with the fair-sensation
The Vectrix Maxi scooters had been probably  the most filmed object on the EVER Monaco. Which motorcycle would be better suitable for the camerawoman, than a quiet Vectrix? Vectrix Maxi Scooter acceleration
6.8 seconds from 0 to 80 km/h. To move these figures in a video failed in the first attempt, the acceleration unusually high for electric vehicles was to surprising. Vectrix Maxiscooter
Tax-free, 20 kW engine and 6.8 seconds from 0 on 80 km/h. 3.7 kWh NiMh battery gives 110 kms range. This made the Vectrix Maxi Scooter the sensation on EVER Monaco. Golf car
Only 5399.-EUR is the price of this golf car from GoWatt. 36V 180Ah lead-batteries are enough to starting on up to 20 percent of rise, 27km/h top speed and a reach from 70km. Startlab city-car
170 kg sealed lead acid battereis are only enough for 65km range. Therefor a product for a minority satisfied with this possibilities. Sightseeing with CityEl
With the exhibits for the fair, the harbor-promenade becomes in the evening in Monaco viewed. I can confirm: with a bigger car no chance on a parking place. CityEl in Monaco
Dramatic consumption-lowering of the new CityEl. The new FactFour requires only 3,5 to 5 kWhs on 100km opposite 7 to 9 kWhs with the old model. Electric bus open
Electric vehicle for bigger fairgrounds or for the city center for the person-transportation. Open electro bus
Unequivocally not for the Salzburger climate suitable is this open electro-bus. For warm areas without much rain certainly an interesting vehicle. Small van: Battery chest behind the front axle
Where at similar forward control chassis is the motor below the front seats, at this electric vehicle a chest for the batteries. Small van electric motor
Under the minibus photographed in the direction of the rear-axis: Electric motor swivel-mounted with the connetion to the differential of this rear-axis. Electric microvan
This electric minibus uses 16,4 kWhs electric power instead of 7,7 liters of gasoline for 100km. The  6 seats Micro-Vett. is Ideal as delivery truck in the downtown. Outlet on the Iveco Daily Hybrid
In front in the radiator cowling the outlet is around the batteries in the Iveco Daily hybrid transporter with electricity on to load. Iveco daily Hybrid
Electrically only 25 kms of reach and 40 km/h, but also this is a clear relief for the usage in a city center with much traffic and traffic jams. Middle console in the Venturi Fethish
Only the car radio with navigation system and 6 keys is everything on the middle console. Simply and clear. Venturi Fetish dashboard
Unusually for a dashboard is the rotary knob right below to adjust the regenerative engine break. Special at high speed on mountain roads from curve to curve, this reduces the consumption. Loudspeaker in the Venturi Fetish
HiFi  has also a lot to do with the singnal to noise ratio. Here the quiet electric engine provides for more music pleasue than with an internal combustion engine possible. Roadster Venturi Fetish interior
Drivers and front passenger seat are probably separated by 100 lithium ion batteries. With 58 kWh of tank contents it goes depending on drive style 250 to 350 kms range. 16 to 23 kWh on 100 kms. Roadster without exhaust
In spite of 4.5 seconds from 0 to 100 km/h and 170 km/h top speed, it's not possible with the Venturi Fetish to let somebody look in the tube. There is no exhaust at an electric car. Venturi Fetish - the electric roadster
State of the art - show what today is maximal possible. Let's hope that the price development of electric cars will be like it was at notebooks. Toyota Lexus engine department
Engine space comparison between Citroen C4 HDI Hybrid, Toyota Prius and Toyota Lexus. Typically for all of them is the voltage converter on the right side. (Lexus) Toyota Prius engine department
Engine space comparison between Citroen C4 HDI Hybrid, Toyota Prius and Toyota Lexus . Typically for all of them is the voltage converter on the right side. (Prius)