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Honda FCX Hydrogen
Honda shows at the Hannover fair 2006 a small car with hydrogen gas tank and fuel cells. Ford C hydrogen
The description provides confusion. 350 bar and 119 liters of pressure tank would be 3.75 kg hydrogen. However, on a stand in the exhibition booth it written 2.75 kg hydrogen in the tank.. Ultra condensers in the racing sport
This is the method to accelerate in less than 8 seconds from 0 to 100 with an only 8 kW fuel call. The fuel cell produces constantly full load. Fuel cell kart
The fuel cell of the karts has only 8 kW. The hydrogen bootle is just enough for 9 minutes full power. How to accelerate from 0 to 100 km/h with only 8 kW? Hydrogen kart
The 5 liters hydrogen bottle contains with 200 bar compressed 1 m³ hydrogen. This are 2.97 kWh of chemical energy or about 1.25 kWh electric power from the fuel cell. Formula Zero instead of formula 1 for innovation
Finally, a new racing sport series with innovation. The formula 1 had been innovative once in the autoconstruction, but in the present, many new technologies has not to be used in formula 1 race cars. Diesel fuel cell
The reformer above takes the hydrogen out of the Diesel, below a fuel cell to make electric power. First time planed as a 4 kW APU for a frozen goods truck. Quad tuning
In this Quad hab been sealed lead acid batteries originally installed. To test his own products, Gaia replaced this with a block from 14 pices 60 Ah Lithium batteries Electric quad - Quad drive electrically
Such a Quad was also seen on the EVER Monaco in 2006. However, in Monaco it was equipped with sealed lead batteries. Here it is reequipped to Gaia lithium batteries. Lithium ion batteries for vehicles
The future mobility will be based substantially on battery technology on lithium base. With Gaia, a German enterprise also takes part in the race around this future market. Ranger silent in wood
With an electric quad almost silently driving through the forest. By this way, the ranger sees probably easily 10 times more animals than with a noisy combustion engine. Electroquad with Shell sticker
What means a Shell sticker on an electric quad? Oh yes! This means that the electoquad is only recharged by a Shell photovoltaic! Quad motor and differential
Left above the rear-axis the electric motor, right the differential. Over the license plate the always carried along battery charger. Quad
Until now, was nature-pleasure and quad driving incompatibly. Now, it goes fortunately also quietly because electric. The real nature-friend puts only electric power produced by sun or wind into the tank. Electric 2 wheel vehicle for the postman
The same 2 wheel vehicle for the professional usage. Jam-bags and lithium batteries to provide, that the mailman can carry all and does not run out of electric power. One person electric scooter
With energy saving 25km/h, the range is 40km. The weight of this 2 wheel vehicle with lead acid batteries is 59kg. Test drives with electtic bicycles and scooters
Between Grimaldi forum and the sea is an area reserved for test driving for bicycles and light scooters. The EVER is much praxis oriented. Loading station electric bicycle
The battery can be taken by the handle easily into the apartment. This makes the electric bicycle an alternative to the electric scooter if no outlet is at the parking lot. Electric folding bicycle
Park and Ride, once in the outskirts park the car and then go on with electric tail wind on the bicycle. Electric bicycles
As soon as one pedals, the electric motor starts to help. Something like a bicycle with built in tail wind. Scooter with hydrogen fuel cell
Beside all electric scooters in mutually price fight and against the fossil rattel stink scooter, this hydrogen scooter looks exotic. Scooter with front-wheel drive
The internal combustion engine propels the back wheel. In the front wheel is an electric motor. In the electric mode the hybrid scooter becomes a motorbike with front-wheel drive. Hybrid scooter
Up to 40 km/h electrically, faster with the internal combustion engine. However, who would start the noisy engine, after he had enjoyed the almost silent gliding? Electric scooter with lithium batteries
Instead of 2 kWh of battery with 60 kg of weight a lithium battery with 3 kWh of capacity raises the reach from 70 to 100 kms. The lighter lithium battery brings a better acceleration. Scooter consumption
Between fully and blank of the tank meter are only 2 kWh electric power for less than 40 Cent. After 4 years with 7500km each year is the difference in operating expenses Scooter extrem cheap
GoWatt offers his elektro scooter for 1249 - EUR. With 3...4 kWh of electricity instead of 3...4 liters of gasoline plus lubricating oil. A price which gives the 2 stroke rattle stink scooter no chance. Prince Albert visits an electric Maxi Scooter
What may the prince probably have thought at the Vectrix? Maybe about  how much better the inhabitants of his principality could sleep if all motorcycles would be so quiet? Maxi Scooter with reverse gear
If one turns the gas grip in the reverse direction, the motor becomes a generator to recharge the battery. Standing, the gas grip becomes even a slow reverse gear. 20 kW electric motor in the back wheel
No chain or cardan shaft necessary. The brushless electric engine together with the one gear is direct at the rear wheel. Maintenance-free for the life span of the Maxi Scooter. Drive tax-free motorcycle
In England motorcycles have a tax badge. This tax board mounted on a quick Vectrix Maxi Scooter points: Tax-free, NIL, nothing, 0 pounds of tax.

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