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Cool charger
After about an half hour charging with 400 Watt, my infrared thermometer shows at the ventilation of the charger only 31.6 degree Celsius. About 14 degree more than the cellar. Charger not waterproof
The charger should be not used outside. It could start raining at any time. Besides, somebody could take away the charger while loading. Where to recharge an electric vehicle
The way from the underground parking area to the cellar is very narrow and twisted. At the end, the E-Max S is in the cellar to recharge. Johanna after the test drive
The first test day ends after 61km with some driving in St.Leonhard with my toughter Johanna. At the uphill parts of the streets, the tank instrument goes down to the red area. CityEl encounter - green campaign in Grödig
LA Heidi Reiter just enters her CityEl for a trip to the next termin. The acceleration of the E-Max S is better, but the E-Max S is as a license free scooter limited to 45km/h Green election campaign in Austria
As I drove with the E-Max S through Gröding, the green party just removed a booth. Heidi Reiter, a green member of the regional government, supports electric mobility Saalach bridge near Hammerau
From the scooter dealer in Piding over Hammerau to Austria. In my thoughts, I add to the only footer and bicyle sign an electric scooter. Scooter test starts in Piding at Deinlein
The test vehicle is borrowed from Scooter motorcycle Deinlein in Piding. This company also selly Kymco 4 stroke scooters, also better than the 2 stroke scooters. Vectrix technic in Loremo
What would be, if somebody would built in the technic of the Vectrix Maxi scooter into the Loremo? Study about an electric car with good performance. E-Max scooter technic in Loremo
What would be if somebody would put the technic of the E-Max electric scooter into the Loremo? Study about a possibility for an extrem cheap electric car. Cheap generator for hybrid cars.
Aldi and Loremo smash the prejudice, that hybrid technic is expensive. Loremo by a coachwork moveable by very few power, Aldi by a 249.-EUR electric power generator. Malaysian Investor takes a stake in Loremo AG
Munich based Loremo AG presents its concept car the 1,5l (157 mpg) Loremo LS at the Kuala Lumpur international Motor Show and signed a Purchase Agreement over 26% Save weight - Multiple use of parts
The horizontal bar has a second task, to bring air to the air outlets. The carpet on the inside is directly glued on the tin. Entrance into the Loremo
To fold up the coachwork to enter the car is for most drivers unusual. This is normal for CityEl drivers since 1989. Loremo aerodynamic
No cooler is behind latticework hidden like a wall in the wind. Only 1,1 squaremeter front area have to be pushed with cw=0,2 through the air. Loremo side view
Looks very aerodynamic, but how is the extreme low cw vlaue 0,20 possible? Not visible is the flat bottom formed like a turned around wing. Loremo: Mobility with low resistance
Loremo stands for Low Resistance Mobility. 450kg or 470kg weight for the 20hp or 50hp version show, how much weight reduction is possible. The second ground in the service car, under it drawers
Ideally for small service cars like VW Caddy, Renault Kangoo or Peugeot Partner: The second ground in the rear area, under it 2 drawers behind and a drawer at the side. Safe transport for tool suitcase
This component for the perfect workshop vehicle allows the safe transport of 3 tool suitcases. Workbench in a service car
Even a workbench with vise it possible to built in a service car. Pull out, turn around from the transport position to the work position and start working. Vise in transport position
The workbench in the rear of the workshop vehicle looks so inconspicuous inserted and in transport position. Tool box secure in the service car
These 2 tool boxes are secured against sliding out in the service vehicle. Thus the boxes remain during the journey there where they belong till one them needs. Tool boxes in the workshop car
The tool box stands with handhold up in front of a special mounting system in a service car for 2 tool boxes like this. Tool dray  in the workshop vehicle
So that the toolbox does not create during the journey scenes like in a slapstick film, it is arrested with a special fixture in the vehicle. Dray with tools to take along in the car
Over a ramp can a complete tool dray be rolled in and out of the service car. India tractor truck combination
The HTM tractor developt in India has 65 km/h top speed. This makes it possible for the farmer to transport goods also on longer distances on a trailer. India tractor
India tractor with water cooled 2 cylinder 4 stroke Diesel engine. 10 gears forward and 2 gears reverse are for 1 to 22 km/h speed. India motorbike
Indian motorbike TVS Apache, aircooled 150ccm one cylinder 4 stroke engine with 10kW an 5 gears. India motorcycle
Indian motorcycle TVS Victor GLX 125, aircooled 125 ccm one cylinder 4 stroke engine with 7 kW and 4 gears. India scooter
For many Indians the main vehicle. This India scooter TVS Scooty Pept has an air cooled 4 stroke engine with 88ccm and 3,68 kW at 6500 rpm and a continuously variable gear.