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Right grip on the electric scooter E-Max S
Sliding switch for light off, parking light, driving light. Below the red power button. After pushing the power button is about 30 seconds more power available. Left grip on the electric scooter E-Max S
Up the switch for dipped down and main light. In the middle sliding switch for the blinker. The white button is to switch of the blinker. The red button below is the hooter. E-Max S scooter consumption
3 to 4 kWh is the consumtion according to the manufacturer. Here our test values from the first consumption test. The consumption at the mountain test is natural higher than at normal usage. Batterymeter at the E-Max S electric scooter
The voltmeter which is the fuel gauge shows only under load the charge condition. Here after the second mountain test on the Zistelalm. E-Max S with parking light
Test about the light distribution with parking light. Normed test with 15 seconds aperture 4 ISO 50 in the underground parking area. E-Max S with high beam
Test about the light distribution with high beam. Normed test with 15 seconds aperture 4 ISO 50 in the underground parking area. E-Max S dipped headlight
Test about the light distribution with dipped headlights. Normed test with 15 seconds aperture 4 ISO 50 in the underground parking area. Light by 48V -12V DC DC converter
Regardless of the charging condition of the batteries, this regulated DC DC converter on the right side of the battery chest gives an equal voltage for the light system of the scooter. Swimmingpool on the Zistelalm
The batteries of the E-Max S had been full enough to return. For guests with a more distant arrival, the host would make charging possible. Zistelalm - 1000 meter above sea level
The E-Max S passed 550 height-meters without problem. But because I promissed my older doughter a test drive, there is no time to continue to the peak. Mountain test over Elsbethen Vorderfager
After recharging the batteries follows the second mountain test. Over the steep street from Elsbethen to Vorderfager on the Gaisberg. Interpreting the fuel meter
The fuel meter seems to be a volt meter. The voltage of a lead acid battery depends on state of charge and load. Standing without load, it shows a nearly full tank. Wrong braked - Grips to brake in reverse position
Downhill over 500 height-meters, I wanted to brake mainly with the disc brake on the front wheel. At the bicycle is the grip for the front wheel brake left, at the motorbike right. Asthma center Berchtesgaden
The target of our first montain trip has a symbolic meaning. Some of the young patients living here could live at home, when the air would be enough better there. Guidepost Buchenhöhe
Further 200 height-meter above, the controller has warmed up to 38 and the engine to 61 degree celsius. The engine becomes warm only on long mountain climbing trips. Brachiation to the Obersalzberg
About 200 height-meters later. 15% uphill is only possible with the power button. I pushed this button when the speed went below 15. This brings 30 seconds 3.86 instead of 2.2 kW Start mountain test on the Rossfeldstraße
An electric vehicle should be also good enough for an excursion in the mountains. Therefor our test vehicle E-Max S has to go up the Rossfeldstraße. Charging outdoor
Sunday morning starts with dry weather. So it's possible to risk to charge with the 2 chargers on the common parking lot of the apartment building. Cable out of the window
I did not like to bring the scooter again difficultly into the cellar. So I let from the second floor a 15m cable real down. Car free day in Maxglan main street in Salzburg
As I resided in Salzburg, I drove very often with my bicyle, but starting at Gartenau, many targets in Salzburg are uncomfortable distant. Robert Jungk library about future questions
Saturday September 16th 2006, we invited at the Robert Jungk library for future questions for a test drive with the E-Max S, a substantial contribution for electric mobility. This scooter is house trained
Recharging for the test drives. First are some reservations in the Robert Jungk library because of the floor. But at last, I am able to convince: Cool charger
After about an half hour charging with 400 Watt, my infrared thermometer shows at the ventilation of the charger only 31.6 degree Celsius. About 14 degree more than the cellar. Charger not waterproof
The charger should be not used outside. It could start raining at any time. Besides, somebody could take away the charger while loading. Where to recharge an electric vehicle
The way from the underground parking area to the cellar is very narrow and twisted. At the end, the E-Max S is in the cellar to recharge. Johanna after the test drive
The first test day ends after 61km with some driving in St.Leonhard with my toughter Johanna. At the uphill parts of the streets, the tank instrument goes down to the red area. CityEl encounter - green campaign in Grödig
LA Heidi Reiter just enters her CityEl for a trip to the next termin. The acceleration of the E-Max S is better, but the E-Max S is as a license free scooter limited to 45km/h Green election campaign in Austria
As I drove with the E-Max S through Gröding, the green party just removed a booth. Heidi Reiter, a green member of the regional government, supports electric mobility Saalach bridge near Hammerau
From the scooter dealer in Piding over Hammerau to Austria. In my thoughts, I add to the only footer and bicyle sign an electric scooter. Scooter test starts in Piding at Deinlein
The test vehicle is borrowed from Scooter motorcycle Deinlein in Piding. This company also selly Kymco 4 stroke scooters, also better than the 2 stroke scooters.

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