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Rear box suitable for a notebook
The Vectrix has the largest rear box of all inspected scooters. It was not possible to put my Acer Travelmate 800 in any other rear box. Methanol fuel cell with 500 Watt
When there is no power plug, the Vectrix maxi scooter can be equipped with a 500 Watt Methanol fuel cell. The batteries can be charged by the fuel cell in this case. Bundle up warm in winter on the motorcycle
Well bundled is it even in the winter easy to persist on the motorcycle. How this looks like shows the girl in the Vectrix Maxi scooter. Gloves to drive motorcycle in winter
On Vectrix on the booth had been special equipped for driving in winter. Gloves are mounted on the grips, the driver puts his hands into the gloves to drive. Experience the electric maxi scooter on rolls
At the Vectrix booth had been 2 maxi scooters mounted on rolls- Here visitors had been experienced how it feels to turn the gas grip or better said, the electric grip. Beautifull girls on motorcycles
Like everywhere on the EICMA belong beautiful girls on motorcycles to this event. Here on an electric Vectrix maxi scooter. Vectix booth on the EICMA 2006
The with interval largest fair represantation for one single type of motorcycle. But it's not some motorcycle, but the electric future, we all hope for it. EICMA fair round trip through the halls
Even on a motorcycle fair, it is not possible to drive in the halls with a gasoline scooter. Only electric vehicles had been underway in the halls. Model C rear
Electric scooter model C from rear with folded out rest for the feet of the passenger. Electric scooter Speedquad C
Double headlights, disk brakes also rear, foldable rest for the feet of the fellow passenger are the main differences to the Model D (aka E-Max S) and the model C. E-Max classic aks Speedquad B
Only at the from E-Max announced classic model is a difference. It has only a 1500 instead of 2000 W engine and less batteries as a cheap entrance model. Model A rear disk brakes
Compared to the rear drum brake at the E-Max S is here a hydraulic disc brake. Good at a vehicle with so much weight on the rear axle. Model A instruments
Compared with the E-Max S, there is additional a digital clock and a consumption display by colored LEDs. Model A rear
Compared to the 10'' rims at the E-Max S has the model A 12'' rims. The seat is so much longer that 2 persons can have a comfortable ride. E-Max comfort aka speedquad A
It seems E-Max has abandoned the accounded new models and concentrates only towards own new developments. E-Max S aka Speedquad D
No, this is not my long time test vehicle E-Max S, but a Speedquad D. All checked details show, it's the same vehicle. Speedquad booth
Suddenly, I stand in front of the since several month announced new models from E-Max. But it is not the E-Max but the speedquad booth. E-Max 90S instruments
Much more information than at the previous model. Day odometer, Amperemeter are on the big porthole. This is typicall for all new E-Max models. E-Max 90 Silicon
4 pices 42 Ah Silicone batteries has the new entrance model. It will be priced only a little bit more expensive than the E-Max S. From the wheel hub engine to the rim engine
This does not look like a wheel hub engine any more. All rim engine meets more the reality. 19 kg including the tire is the weight of the rear wheel. E-Max 110 S Silicon
4 pieces 60 Ah Silicone batteries are giving the E-Max 110 more range, but also an increase of the weight to 175 kg. 55 kg  less, but 50% more battery capacity has the 140L. E-Max battery controller
In the grey cable are 28 wires, from each cell 2, to the battery controller which is located in the frot part of the scooter just after the fron wheel. Wires for charge balancing
Beside the thick wires are at each battery cell 2 thin wires to the battery management box. By ths box, each call is checked and the charge balanced. E-Max 50 Volt 90 Ah Lithium Batterie
14 pieces 90 Ah cells from Thundersky make 4.5 kWh capacity and over 160km range. That's enough to be the electric scooter with the biggest capacity on the EICMA 2006. Scooter E-Max 140 L Lithium power
Regardless Pizza service or scooter to rent service on a holiday island, this is the right scooter for the professional continuous use, when daily up to 160km have to be driven. E-Max booth on the EICMA 2006
E-Max presents 3 new scooters in the EICMA. All in the same design, only the battery technic and maximal engine power is different at the new models. Milan police on Segway
2 policeman from Milan on police Sagways underway throgh the fair halls. Segway does not expose on the EICMA, but they had been well represented by the police vehicles. Oxygen topcase with flashing light
This special accessory is only for the electric scooters of the police. When there is an accident area to guard, the batteries can supply the flashing light for a very long time. Oxygen motor controller
Very large with cooling ribs is the engine controll on the right side of the electric scooter. Oxygen electric drive
Up to 3,5 kW provides the engine. Oxygen has the engine not like usual as a wheel hub engine.

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