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Integrated charger in Scootelec
No helm locker, but in exchange a built in 1400 Watt charger. It's even possible to use a second external charger. At fast charging is the Scootelec better than the E-Max S. Peugeot Scootelec
The prizewinner of the design contest 2007 won one of the last Scootelecs. Time for the organizer to think about a worthy successor of the no longer produced Scootelec. Interior of Venturi city car
2,5 m² photovoltaic with 330 Watt peak makes it possible to use most of the time solar energy from the car roof only. City car with integrated photovoltaic
Surprise from Venturi, instead of a super sports car, they show this year a 3 seat city car, which will be produced in a limited edition of 200 vehicles for 24.000,-EUR each. Hydrogen airplane
The hydrogen tank will weigh 300 to 400kg for 27 kg liquid hydrogen. This should be enough for a 3000km leg. Hy bird around the world
Around the world in legs of 3000km is planed to fly with a hydrogen airplane. For 150km/h travel speed are 15 kWh required. Saab Volvo with Ethanol
The engine sets to the actual mix of gasoline and ethanol. Ethanol needs much surface, which only a thinly inhabited country like Sweden has. Engine department Honda Civic
Engine department of the Honda Civic with IMA Integrated motor assist. Honda Civic
There is not only the Toyota Prius Hybrid. The IMA system in the Honda civic comes very close to the consumption values. Toyota Prius
Who fears the 130g CO2/km fleet limit. Toyota can sell for each 5 Prius one luxury limousine and one big SUV and would be still below the limit. Lexus RX 400h
Will there be no big SUVs when the EU makes an upper limit of 200g CO2/km? What the German premium car producers pretend to be not able, Toyota is even today able. Lexus GS 450h
What have the German premium car producers for unnecessary sorrows about the 200 g/km CO2 limit for cars? The 250km/h electronic limited Lexus is enven now below. CityEl tests Kokam Lithium Polymer batteries
From both sides confirmed: CityEl tests just right now lithium polymer batteries from Kokam. Alone 50kg less weight will give the CityEl more temprament. Battery for electric car
8 cells with 100 Ah are in this battery pack for electric cars together.Typical connectors for power and battery management volt and temperature. Scooter battery with integrated BMS
Seperate plugs for charging and discharging. In the box is the BMS battery management system built in. A little bit higher box could be equipped with 40Ah cells. Battery for military application - communicatgion on the battle field
29V 25Ah Lithium Polymer battery for the military usage. Mainly for the communication in the field. Battery for HEV Hybrid Electric Vehicle
10 of this batteries in serial are 370V. This battery is designed for hybrod cars. Each battery pack has connection for power and battery management volt and temperature. Kokam complete lithium batteries
From battery cell producer to a battery producer developed Kokam further. There hab een on the booth 2006 only single cells. They showd this year conplete battery packs. Renault Kangoo instruments
A plug-in-hybrid has 2 fuel gauges. On the left the big gauge for the charge condition of the batteries, in the upper left beside the middle the gauge for liquid fuel. Hybrid drive for Renault Kangoo
The teamwork regulated by 2 clutches between a 40kW Ethanol/Benzin combustion engine, a 20 kW engine/generator and a 60 kW electric engine Hybrid engine for Renault Kangoo
Complete drive system for an electric dominated hybrid car. It mixes serial and parallel hybrid together to an high efficient new hybrid system. Renault Kangoo Plug-in-Hybrid car
The Dassault Group frees Renault from all sorrows regarding the CO2 limit. With electric power from renewable energy and Ethanol for all travels beyond the electric only range. Renault Kangoo electric car
Lithium is the material on which our automobile future consists. At a short test drive, drive, it was possible to convince myself about this. Fiat doblo engine department
Above the engine controll unit for the electric motor, hidden below the electric engine. 16 kW charger for lithium batteries
What is behind the rear axle of the Fiat Doblo below the bottom? In the box are 2 chargers wtth 7 and 9 kW charging power. together 16 kW to recharge the batteries. Electric car with exchangeable batteries
Dominantly in the trunk of the Fiat Doblo is a 300kg Lithium battery. With a fork lift, it is possible to exchange the battery in some minutes. Newton elecric vehicles
Newton introduced on the EVER a FIAT Doblo as an electric van. With the exchangeable battery system can it be used even as a Taxi. 90 Taxis will be delivered to Rome. Thermal engine switch off
About 300m height to Oberplainfeld had been to much with luggage and 2 persons. The sister of my wife goes further afoot while I wait for the engine to cool down. An inconvenient truth in culture house Altenmarkt
In the lobby stands my electric scooter to be recharged. In the hall is the famous Al Gore film shown. After the film and a long discussion are 2088 Wh charged. Fischerwirt near Bischofshofen
At the ascent falls the fuel gauge in the red ara. I say in the service  “An alcohol free beer and electric power“. For 1180 Wh electric power , I give 20 Cent tip.