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Jetcar rear view
View from rear. Only half the passenger places, but this ones with much space. For about 50.000,-EUR, it is possible to purchase a prototype. Jetcar
With only 40 hp 160 km/h. With this, the Jetcar is just between today small cars, about 60 hp for 160 and the Loremo using only 20 hp for this,. Diesel fuel cells
The tank left up is for the fuel, below the tank with the blue seal is for watter. The water is necessary for the reaction with the fuel. Diesel fuel cell
32.8% of the chemical energy is converted into electric power. No 4 kW ICE internal combustion engine with generator has this efficiency, low noise and clean exhaust gases. Nordic Energy Systems
Last year, it was only a mockup, this year a prototype. Fuel cell with reformer for Diesel or vegetable oil. The 4 kW unit is designed as a APU for deep freeze trucks. Fuel cell in Think
The complete lower part of the luggage department is filled up by the hydrogen fuel cell. Zebra battery in Think
Below the right front passenger seat is a Zebra battery for 150km range with electric power. Think interior
Photo from the Think hydrogen car. Looks like in a conventional car with automatic. Think hydrogen fuel cell
150km with a Zebra battery below the right seat and further 150km with 1,5 kg hydrogen in a pressure tank below the right seat. Hydrogen bottle vs Lithium battery
6.5 kg is this bottle with 0.9 m³ hydrogen gas. This are 2673 Wh chemical. A fuel cell has to convert this into electric power. Range of photovoltaic for our mobility
About 40m away is the booth of the agency for biomass with a poster how far a car can drive with the yearly yield of 1ha biomass. Range of biomass for our mobility
How far can a middle class car drive with the yearly yield of one hectare. The poster on the booth of the 'Fachagentur Nachwachsende Rohstoffe e.V.' shows it. VW gas engine
There is a starter and a dynamo. So it's a very conventional engine only adapted for the use of natural gas. Even no start stop for halting at traffic lights. Magna Steyr battery for hybrid drive
First prototype for a lithium battery comlete with BMS battery management system and cooling for hybrid drive. Development target is 60kg, Charge with 71kW and discharge with 60 kW. Magna Steyr
Components for the automobile industry of tomorrow introduced Magna Steyr in hannover. On the pedestal on the left side a battery for vehicles with hybrid drive. DLF Interview inside the Loremo
Beside the visitors had been on the Loremo booth always jounalists. Here gives Uli Sommer inside the Loremo an interview for DLF. Hannover as a place of encounter
Uli Sommer, developer of the Loremo 1,5 litre car in a first talk with Nordic Power Systems, developer of the Diesel fuel cell. loremo rear seats
I was once passenger on the rear seats of a Porsche 911 from Salzburg to Munich and back. Compared to this, the Loremo is behind very comfortable. Loremo aerodynamic rear below
How to drive a 470kg car with 220km/h without flying? A view below the car reveal the secret: the flat underside ascends behind. Loremo aerodynamic front below
What is not visible from above: The underside of the Loremo is flat and formed like a turned around wing. Here is at most conventional cars Loremo interior
View from the driver's seat to the instrument board and to the hall 13. Loremo booth
A photo of the whole booth was only evidently after the fair opening time possible. By day was the booth of the 1,5 litre car always surrounded by masses of poeple. Germany should not develop like Monaco
Because of the climate change, the border of intensive scooter using moves north. The politics has to prevent, that Germany becomes like Monaco! Key question for Monte Carlo
More rattle stink scooters or more tourists? What has more value for Monte Carlo? Technic objectors remaining at gasoline scooters instead of electric scooters or tourists? Luxury yacht in Monaco
A dream, lodge in the own yacht in the harbor of Monte Carlo. But this dream can turn to a nightmare when this 9 scooters keep awake. Driving ban shield
I asked an policeman, this driving ban shield between casino and harbor is also for electric scooters. It's time, that the government changes this. Postal van drives electric in Monaco
Some interviews with drivers from postal vans with Diesel engines in Austria showed consumption values around twice the norm value for driving in the city. This scooter is to expensive
Not inside everything what looks like an E-Max S is the same technic, even when the product is offered to the same price of nearly 2000.-EUR. Peugeot Scootelec instruments
When the battery symbol far right lights up, it's time for a battery service. A service station has to fill up the NiCd batteries with water. Peugeot Scootelec front storage
As a compnesation for the helm locker displaced by charger and NiCd batteries, the Scootelec has a lockable locker in front.