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Shuttle service to the fair ground
A Vectrix with driver and passenger just arrives at the Intersolar fair ground. The driver tells me, that he drove the last part of the way with 100km/h Purchased in Rom: First Vectrix owner in Germany
Why are at the solar refilling station all scooters blue and only one red? Because it's not a scooter from the Solon inc, but from the first German Vectrix owner. Test driving at the place at the old synagogue
6 persons on their first test drive on a Vectrix electric scooter in front of the place at the old synagogue. Who has no motorcycle criving licence is give an lift  by the personal. CO2 carbon dioxide protest action
Carbon dioxide molecules at a protest action against electric mobility and photovoltaic. With CO2 stop no thanks, they express the oppinion of many stick-in-the-muds fossiles. Maxi Scooter at the solar filling station
4 Vectrix at recharging at the solar filling station while the ohters are underway for test driving. Photovoltaic in front of the Albert Ludwigs university
8 kW Peak solar tracking photovoltaic is this system to recharge the electric scooters during the Intersolar 2007 in front of the Albert Ludwigs university. Deep freeze goods
At the transport of frozen goods, pay heed to not interrupting the freezing chain. So all frozen goods are delivered now by the supplier. Round trip with trailer in Bad Reichenhall
Robert shows at a round trip city hall and saltworks what is possible to transport on a small trailer. Video (6 MB) Clutch for scooters
This clutch makes out of the E-Max S an ideal towing machine. Thanks to the electric engine, the products in the trailer are not covered with lubrication oil. Asia shop Bad Reichenhall
Mainly thai specialities from the condiment to the 20kg rice package. Beside aliments also an other chinese speciality: electric scooters. War memoial at 'Untere Lindenplatz'
Free parking lots are very rare at this area. The street is much to narrow for lading in the second land. This makes a delivery car very unpractical. Rear part of a russian spacesuit
The supply part is open. This is also the entrance into the spacesuit. The devices of the supply part are visible. Russian spacesuit
Gazprom shows the model of a russian orbiter, a spacesuit and a cosmonaut as attractions on their booth. T-Com saves at the employees
A strong electric scooter with trailer would be available for only 2000.-EUR. But T-Com wants to save money only at their employees. A transport bicycle with 250 Watt fuel cell jetcar rear seat
The front seat is flapped to the front and gives the entrance to the rear seat free. Jetcar cockpit
Entrance into the Jetcar through the single dor on the left side. Maybe an interesting car for a sales representative with little luggage. Jetcar rear view
View from rear. Only half the passenger places, but this ones with much space. For about 50.000,-EUR, it is possible to purchase a prototype. Jetcar
With only 40 hp 160 km/h. With this, the Jetcar is just between today small cars, about 60 hp for 160 and the Loremo using only 20 hp for this,. Diesel fuel cells
The tank left up is for the fuel, below the tank with the blue seal is for watter. The water is necessary for the reaction with the fuel. Diesel fuel cell
32.8% of the chemical energy is converted into electric power. No 4 kW ICE internal combustion engine with generator has this efficiency, low noise and clean exhaust gases. Nordic Energy Systems
Last year, it was only a mockup, this year a prototype. Fuel cell with reformer for Diesel or vegetable oil. The 4 kW unit is designed as a APU for deep freeze trucks. Fuel cell in Think
The complete lower part of the luggage department is filled up by the hydrogen fuel cell. Zebra battery in Think
Below the right front passenger seat is a Zebra battery for 150km range with electric power. Think interior
Photo from the Think hydrogen car. Looks like in a conventional car with automatic. Think hydrogen fuel cell
150km with a Zebra battery below the right seat and further 150km with 1,5 kg hydrogen in a pressure tank below the right seat. Hydrogen bottle vs Lithium battery
6.5 kg is this bottle with 0.9 m³ hydrogen gas. This are 2673 Wh chemical. A fuel cell has to convert this into electric power. Range of photovoltaic for our mobility
About 40m away is the booth of the agency for biomass with a poster how far a car can drive with the yearly yield of 1ha biomass. Range of biomass for our mobility
How far can a middle class car drive with the yearly yield of one hectare. The poster on the booth of the 'Fachagentur Nachwachsende Rohstoffe e.V.' shows it. VW gas engine
There is a starter and a dynamo. So it's a very conventional engine only adapted for the use of natural gas. Even no start stop for halting at traffic lights. Magna Steyr battery for hybrid drive
First prototype for a lithium battery comlete with BMS battery management system and cooling for hybrid drive. Development target is 60kg, Charge with 71kW and discharge with 60 kW.

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