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Aerodynamic optimized rims
Who looks exactly will notice the transparent plastic at the large free spaces of the rim. Only the small free spaces let air to the disk brakes. Carry a Segway in a car
Below the luggage department is a garage for 2 Segway scooters. No, this is not a motorhome, this is a medium sized car. Opel Flextreme interior
The front and rear door of the Flextreme open contra-rotating. There is no B pillar. Instruments in the Opel Flextreme
In front is a flat screen over the full interior width. The screen shows mainly the pictures from the left, middle and right rear view camera. Opel Flextreme rear view camera
At the upper end of the dark deepening is the rear view camera. Finally, one has not to renounce for a central rear view, only because the cargo space if filled up to the top. Opel Flextreme without side mirrors
Because of the aerodynamic optimization, there are no more side mirrors. Instead of a side mirror are in the fron part of the front side window is a camera installed. Opel Flextreme side view
PHEV Plug-in hybrid car. In the rear are the open Segway garage visivle. Opel Flextreme front view
Already the optic lets assume, hier is a coachwork with very small air resistance. A view below the car show an entire flat bottom. Urea tank for exhaust cleaning
The Opel Flextreme has left in the photo a 26 litre Diesel tank. In the smaller tank behind the battery is urea to reduce NOx nitric oxide in the exhaust gases. Opel Flextreme battery
The battery is listed with 16 kWh capacity. This sould be enough for 100km or even more. The range of only 55 km is an indicator Serial Hybrid Opel Flextreme
The 1,3 litre Dieselengine with urea exhaust cleaning resides in the usual position, but it propels only a generator with 53 kW peak performance. Flextreme chassis based on Opel Astra
Opel builts the Plug-in-Hybrid Flextreme with as much parts from the large serial construction. So the chassis is from the Opel Astra. Criteria to purchase a car ready for the future
At the Flextreme concept car without coachwork is to see the most important criteria to purchase a car in the future: The plug to recharge. Tomorrow we will charge our cars like our mobiles
On the IAA 2007 booth of Opel is near the Flextreme a couch and a desk with plugs to recharge mobiles. On the desk is written: Opel Flextreme Plug-in-Hybrid
55 km is the range of the Flextreme only with electric power. On longer distances produces a 1,3 litre Diesel engine with a 53 kW peak generator for the supply with electric power. Revelation of the IAA 2007 fair sensation
2 dancers make a show in front of the veiled fair sensation on Segway scooters. At the end of the performance, the sensation is disclosed for the big public. General Motors Opel fair sensation IAA 2007
September 13th 11:25, hundreds of journalists wait for the visiot of theGerman prime minister Angela Merkel at the GM fair sensation: The solution for our future mobility. Volvo Interview Plug-in-Hybrid
VMCC - Volvo Car Cooperation - Monitoring and Concept Center, Ichiro Sugioka Ph.D speaks about Plug-in-Hybrid cars and vehicle to Grid. 8 minutes Video from the IAA 2007. Volvo Plug-in-Hybrid Generator
What is the range of an electric car? As long as the carried generator delivers electric power. The engine has no mechanical contact to the wheels. Volov plug-in-hybrid battery
For about 100 km only electric driving is the battery below the luggage department. The battery can be charged extrem fast, because it must also deal with 500 kW from an emergency stop. Brake better without brakes
Here is no brake to see, only the wheel hub engine. The total revolution in automobile construction does even not stop at the mechanical brake. Volvo wheel hub engines
All the mechanical insufficiency from a 4 wheel drive replaced by 4 wheel hub engines. Complicate mechanic replaced by some electric cables. Volvo wheelhub engine
The revolution lets nothing like it was before. Gearing, clutch, differential for front and rear, differentials for the axles are yesterday. IAA 2007 concept car from Volvo
Concept cars are usually nice to look, but not decisively for the future. But it is different here. This here looks like a normal car in the Golf class. Volvo Plug-in-Hybrid
Finally expectation for a decent car for a strict “No plug - no deal“ fan. It will take regretfully some years until it will be ready to order at a Volvo dealer. Anti slide mat
The mobile falls down. After the search in the legroom, the last seen was a big oncoming truck... So that nothing skids wild through the car, there is a world novelty. Honda Generator
My interest in this generator was complete different from the thoughts of the people on the booth. I plane to grade up my long time test vehicle E-Max S to a Plug-in-Hybrid. Toilet without chemistry
Ask a parking place guardian what he does not like at drivers of motorhomes and he will show You a part of a meadow where nothing grows, because some years ago Heating element
Dust can enkindle at 180 degree Celsius. At this special heating element for mobile usage, no part will be hotter tha 180 degree. Fan heater permitted for motorhomes and caravans
I discussed already 1999 at this fair booth about about fan heaters and what is allowed in vehicles. As after the fire disaster in Kaprun, there had been a