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Honda Photovoltaic
Where comes tomorrow the fuel for our cars? Honda shows on the IAA booth the answer with a CIGS thinfilm photovoltaic. ESP - Electronic Stability Control
This crash test dummy promotes ESC. In the super winter 2005 to 2006, many deadly accidents would have been avoidable with ESC. Charger made in Europe
The charger of the IO-scooters is developt in Europe and special adjusted to the characteristics of silicone sealed lead acid batteries. New wheel hub engine
The deciding difference to the old model is the new wheel hub engine. The earlier IO-scooter model was not able to compete with the E-Max S on the montain, now this is reverse. New electric scooter models from IO
Unimportant optical unimportant care for a different look of the new models. Deciding is the new stronger wheel hub engine. IO-Scooter Germany
We have to wait some years for all the nice shown Plug-in Hybrid and electric cars. But this electric scooters can be purchased and driven immediately. 50 kW socket
The Mitsubishi electric car iEV has a built in 110 or 220 Volt charger. Here is the socket to connect an external 50 kW fast charger. Permanent magnet synchronous motor
47 kW electric engine frrom the Mitsubishi iEV electric car with 180 Nm torque. This is used for the rear wheel drive. Mitsubishi iEV battery pack
The 50 Ah Lithium cells are organized in blocks with 4 cells. 22 of this blocks with 4 cells yield 88 cells with 330 Volt. Mitsubishi iEV battery
88 of this 50 Ah Lithium cells make 330 Volt and 16 kWh battery capacity. 14 pieces would fit very well as an upgrade in my E-Max S electric scooter. Mitsubishi iEV interior
They drive on the left side in Japan, let's hope, that this car comes soon also in the rest of the world. Mitsubishi electric car iEV
130 km/h top speed and 160km range are enough for a small car. Refuel with cheap electric power in the own garage instead of wasting time at the gasoline station. Because they do not know what they do
Should the automobile industry do more for the climate protection? The result, only 1/3 Yes shows the insufficient enlightenment of the car drivers about our future cars. Chevrolet Volt flat bottom
Most of todays cars look very aerodynamic above. But below very cleft. Not so Volt and Flextreme, they have both a flat bottom. Chevrolet Volt side view
Fair report from the 62nd international motor show in Frankfurt, all in the sense of  ''See what's driving the future''. Part 1: Plug-in-Hybrid PHEV. Part 2:other just building. Chevrolet Volt front view
Fair report from the 62nd international motor show in Frankfurt, all in the sense of  ''See what's driving the future''. Part 1: Plug-in-Hybrid PHEV. Part 2:other just building. Maybe upgradeable with 4 wheel drive
At the hydrogen variant of the Chevrolet Volt is at each rear wheel a wheel hub engine. Maybe it's in the future possible to have four wheel drive as an upgrade? Hydrogen tank halfs place for batteries
The battery for the Chevrolet Volt hydrogen is only half as long as at the petrol version. The front hydrogen tank reduces the space away for the battery. Chevrolet Volt Plug-in hybrid with fuel cell
The plug-in hybrid drive concept makes the use of a fuel cell more easy. 32km range with the batteries alone, complete without fuel cell. Chevrolet Volt Plug-in hybrid hydrogen
32 km range with the batteries and 480 km with the hydrogen tanks. Mankind will seriously stop the climate disaster. Fossile fuels are highly taxed. Chevrolet Volt tanks
The petrol version has 2 tanks with 26 litres. Left is at the Diesel the exhaust pipe. Where at the Diesel is the urea tank, is here the battery longer. Chevrolet Volt Motor
Is a Diesel engine at 30.000 km a year economical? Presently yes. At a plug-in-hybrid are the borders of economy moved towards the petrol engine. Chevrolet Volt gasoline
The chevrolet Volt with a 3 cylinder turbo engine for the range extender. Because the generator is only used with high load, there is no advantage for the Diesel at small load. GM Chevrolet Volt
The plug-in-hybrid Chevrolet Volt shows on the General Motors fair booth the other options for the generator: Petrol engine or hydrogen fuel cell instead of Diesel engine. Aerodynamic optimized rims
Who looks exactly will notice the transparent plastic at the large free spaces of the rim. Only the small free spaces let air to the disk brakes. Carry a Segway in a car
Below the luggage department is a garage for 2 Segway scooters. No, this is not a motorhome, this is a medium sized car. Opel Flextreme interior
The front and rear door of the Flextreme open contra-rotating. There is no B pillar. Instruments in the Opel Flextreme
In front is a flat screen over the full interior width. The screen shows mainly the pictures from the left, middle and right rear view camera. Opel Flextreme rear view camera
At the upper end of the dark deepening is the rear view camera. Finally, one has not to renounce for a central rear view, only because the cargo space if filled up to the top. Opel Flextreme without side mirrors
Because of the aerodynamic optimization, there are no more side mirrors. Instead of a side mirror are in the fron part of the front side window is a camera installed.