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Slalom with the motorcycle
Next exercise slalom. After some full rounds, I check the temperature of wheel hub engine and controller. Just lukewarm. Round track first time 100km/h on the tacho
After the first exercise with the narrow curves, we drive behind the driving teacher the wohle course. After some rounds beind the driving teacher aline. Exercise narrow curves with the motorcycle
The dricing training starts with narrow curves. Here it is harmlessly to drive over the kerb, because it's only a white mark on the road. Video (3MB). Solar Scooter sport
I am not yet allowed to drive it myself. So the scooter for the driving license training is brought per trailer from Mr.Schönaigner in Bad Hofgastein to the Brandlhof. Charger IO-Scooter lithium
In fact, it's not one charger, but 14 chargers. Each single lithium mangan battery has an own charger, cable and LED display. Charger e-max-110s
The 1300 Watt charger with metall case just fits in the charger locker below the seat. The helmet locker is here sized down to a charger locker. Impressions at the scooter test
As long as driven with 45 km/h there is nothing negative at the vehicle dynamic of both scooters. Only downhill at 80km/h are differences. Datas from the scooter test
What is at the cars Diesel vs gasoline, what s at the fossil cooters 4 stroke vs 2 stroke, this is now at the electric scooters in a new edition: Lithium vs lead. Electric scooter 22% uphill
The mountain test awaited full of suspense Will the 191 kg heavy E-Max 110S make it up? How much faster will the lightweight IO-scooter up the montain? IO-Scooter Seat
The IO-Scooter has the same size as my long time test vehicle E-Max S. I am 178cn tall, When my wife comes with me, I have to move forward on the bank. Scooter for basketball start with girlfriend
With the use of the room for the knees left and right from the steering, even a very large driver larger than 2m can take a passenger without problems. Seat E-Max 110S
The new E-Max series is a complete new construction oriented on European body size. Direct with the knees behind the steering is enough place for 2 persons. Much choice at Scooter Deinlein
Secure for the future scooters in big variety ready for a test drive at Scooter Deinlein in Piding. From left to right: E-Max 110S, IO-Scooter Silicon sealed lead acid Solar refueling station
For stand alone usage or grid connected could hundred millions of such solar refueling stations together with electric scooters be the first step towards the oil exit. Electric scooter for broad solar application
In total opposit to the solar racing cars, which had unitl now never an importance for the mobility of the masses, the electric scooter has everything for the mass application. Solar mobility
The ''Solar Mobil'' limited shows on their booth clearly the connection between solar electric power and mobility. Drive 10000 km a year an electric scooter. Model solar racer
Concept of the high school Anhalt for a solar racing car. But not a single student comes with an electric scooter to school. No solar charging station at the school. Wheel hub engine for solar racer
A 7 kW wheel hub engine is in the single front wheel. A special construction. It would be interesting to compare the technical data with the engine of the E-Max 190L Gallium Arsenid Photovoltaic
6 m² surface of the solar racing car are covered with Gallium Arsenid photovoltaic. This brings at 28% efficiency Solar racing car
A horse needs about 20000 m² gras land. Even with absolut light construction, a pasture for a horse would weight 40 tons. Solar racing cars are so a very impressive example Oldtimer Mercedes 170D
What makes this old Diesel car on a solar fair? It was intended to symbolise the longevity of the own products was the surprising answer. Indulgence trade
The CO2 emissions over 10000 km per year from this year should be forgiven or compensated by this photovoltaic. An indulgence trade of the new sort. Video about the fuel prices
PEGE informs about conversions from the fast being more expensive gasoline to electric power, the fuel of our future plug-in hybrid cars. Video (12,7 MB). Volkswagen Sun Fuel
Even when Sun Fuel has a higher area efficiency than the bio fuels of the 1.generation, the problem of inexecutable area demand remains. EFOY fuel cell electric scooter
The 65 Watt fuel cell needs about 67 hours to make from 5 litre methanol 4,5 kWh electric power. Are 4,5 kWh enough for 110 or for 500 km? EFOY with methanol fuel cell
What makes a 65 Watt fuel cell in an electric scooter? My calculations and the technical brochure about the product are here very different. Innoscooter shows at the Hannover industrial fair
Left the already short tested Innosooter 2500 with Lithium battery, right a new model permitted for more than 45 km/h top speed. Vectrix now available in Berlin Germany
Since Autumn 2007, it's possiible to purchase the Vectrix maxi scooter also in Berlin, Germany. Here the booth on the Hannover industrial fair 2008 Solar mobility association
Compared to 2006 and 2007, the booth of the BSM has gained much size. This increase shows how necessary the change away from fossil mobility has become in the last year. The electric scooter family
In the garage from left to right: An E-Max S, the Innoscooter 2500, the head of the family and Mr. Deinlein on a home visit to repair an E-Max.