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Linz AG with electric scooter and recharge column
Drive natural clean with electric power from the Linz AG is written on the electric scooter. Beside a recharging system with the quick bank card function. Win a price: 2 E-Max 90S electric scooters
Just after a heat pump are electric scooters the second price in a competition of the energy inc. Heat shield on an electric scooter
A bit Skai with 1.5m * 1.0m protects the coparty from to much loose of heat at traveling on the electric scooter. The head is well protected by the helmet, the upper part by a anorak. Stay over
My doughter is invited to a children birthday from Friday noon until Saturday in the evening. Sleeping bag and other things to stay over night are transported on the electric scooter. Overloaded at the transport
After swimming in Leopoldskron, purchase 25 litre color for the appartment. Marius, the sun of my wife from first marriage is with me. Together 180 kg pay load on the scooter. Encounter at the Leopoldskron lido
Just beside my E-Max S parks an E-Max 90S. Because the ignition key was there, I gave the key to the cash desk. The announced that the electric scooter driver with the sign Electric scooter much faster than car
Before at the trip from Gartenau to the house of nature hat the electric scooter for 11 km 45 minutes avail. I remain with my nephew 50 minutes longer in the house of nature 45 minutes avail to the house of anture
We start together. I with my nephew fom Innsbruck on the electric scooter, my wife with our 2 doughters and 2 children from neighbours with the car. Storminess with hail
Only just sun shine, then a little bit raining, suddenly extrem rain with hail. We wait until the end of the storminess under a roof. Leopoldskron lido
Maria just passed the exam for bicycle driving. Johanna goes with my electric scooter. 2 mats on the carrier are fixed by a rubber. Charge break
We just purchased a bicycle at peddlars market.. On the way back, Maria wanted always to a service station. Why not? Charge technic for electric scooters
Bulky things like 10 rolls toilett paper and 6 rolls kitchen paper are a challenge. In the grey sack at the bottom in front are all the fruit juice packs giving a stable fundament. Load the electric scooter correct
As I put the shopping trolley beside my electric scooter, a female cyclist asked me ''Do You want to put all on the scooter'', ''Yes, where else''. Take always an extension cord
No extension cord to find. It was hardly possible to connect the charger to a socket beside the window. So always take a cable with You. Shopping with the electric scooter
Video (26,6 MB) how to stow all the purchases on an electric scooter. A practical counsellor for the time after the next huge oil price explosion. Coming home in snow storm
The weather was also at the departure to SCA not good. On the way back the last 2 km a snow strom. Well wrapped has my doughter no problem with this. Hellbrunn parking lot: no electric outlets
I have to drive 2 times to Hellbrunn to bring both children there. At home, I can recharge before the first drive 257 Wh and 175 Wh before the second drive. Customer visit
On the journey back a visit at interior designer Milo. While last details at his new web site are corrected, the electric scooter is attached to the charger. Recharge chain: recharge always
While I watch the test drive event, my electric scooter is at the school recharged. Departure with 12466.a km, customer visit at GIFAS, 862 Wh recharge. Test drive at schools
Other dealer vail about drastic decreased scooter sells. On the other hand, Deinlein makes presentations at schools for his customers of tomorrow. Lower secondary school  Neumarkt am Wallersee
March 18th pupils of the higher school classes in the lower secondary school tested the entrance in electric mobility: electric scooters. Sledding near Neu Anif
I bring one after the other both children to the sledding hill at Neu Anif. My wife walked in the mean time to this place. Guitar lesson in Grödig
This would have been unthinkable autumn 2006. My wife would have forbidden to transport children on the scooter at temperatures below 10 degree Celsius. Detour refuel
The next gasolin station would have been ESSO Leikermoser. But they print only  bills on thermal paper. So I have to drive since years further to Anif to refuel. Only 30km range in the tank
February 24th, the main street is covered with slush and ice. After a short test drive, I decide to drive with the car to Eugendorf. Ice street
The feet short above the ground. Only in this way a sliding front wheel can be corrected. Until the feet are from the scooter to the ground, it is to late. Limit winter tires for scooters on snow
At the bridge over the Königssee Ache, the limits of winter tires are shown. The electric scooter stops at the last part of the access way. Winter spreading goes north
February 2nd, 4 motorcyles in front of the shopping center. When the 2 stroke rattle stinks are not stoped soon, it will be very expensive to pay scraping bonus for them. As long as the main street has a scooter track
On the way back from Eugendorf was the snow also on the main street, but only in the middle. As long as there is a half meter without snow, it's no problem to drive. Visit a customer despite snow with the scooter
As long as the snow is only on the side streets and parking spaces, it is with winter tires no problem to drive with the electric scooter.

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