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Isle of man electric motorcycle race 2009
This electric scooter is filed as the 24th participant of the open class. The race will take place June 12th. The 60.72 km distance has to be managed in 50 minutes. Better place exchange battery
To think at all on a battery exchange system can be only seen as an act of desperation Tesla recharges at NET
What does a Tesla driver do when he wants to drive from Vienna to Munich? Recharge at NET in Salzburg while enjoying a delicious dinner. Solar ricksha
A new age beginns for 8 million ricksha pullers in India. 250 Watt support by an electric engine. An exchange battery makes an all over the day usage possible. Only first gear
Imagine only the first gear of Your car works. How terrible loud it would be, how extreme would the gasoline consumption increase. Model airplane hobby with electric scooter and trailer
Some years ago, he changed his model airplanes to lithium polymer batteries. No he drives the way to the model airplane airport with an electric scooter and a trailer. Dr. Arno Gasteiger on an electric bike
It's 12:23 pm, the press conference has ended, all journalists are away. Here takes Dr. Arno Gasteiger an electric bike and drives maybe towards Salzburg AG. Recharge station on Mozart place
Interim placed on the Mozart place. Works regretfully only with a special card from the Salzburg AG. I find the solution of the Linz AG with the bank card better. Mozart memorial
Roland Wernik - Salzburger Wohnbau auf E-Max 110S, Mag. August Hirschbichler - Salzburg AG auf Segway, Dr. Eveline Steinberger, fonds for climate and energy and Dr. Arno Gasteiger Press conference electric mobility in Salzburg
A complete offer for companies is introduced. 3 years contract, vehicle, service, fuel and even tickets fo public traffic all inclusive for companies. Vectrix still without Lithium
I saw 2006 first time a Vectrix, the fair sensation. But 3 years later still the same 3.7 kWh NiMh battery. The urgently awaited lithium battery still not available. Cooperation between Vectrix and E-Max
Instead of LED headlights a headlight designed by Vectrix. Vectrix expands with this cooperation their models with a 45km/h entry model. What does an E-Max on a Vectrix tour vehicle
But this is a Vectrix tour vehicle, who has painted on this an E-Max? Salzburg Country government electric scooters
Electric scooters of different fabricators to test drive, a short test road ans photovoltaic modules to show from where the electric power will come. Peugeot hybrid scooter
125 cm³ 15 kW engine for the rear wheel. Each of the two front wheels hat a 2 kw - short time 3 kW electric engine. But the lithium battery is only for 10km electric only driving. 12 g CO2 per km
While other car companies celebrate themselfs for 87 to 120 g CO2/km, there are with the french electric power mix at the electric car Tata Indica Vista only 12 g CO2/km. Tata Indica engine department
Motor controller above, below the 55 kW electric engine. Why demand the big European car groups not the fast extension of the infrastructure for electric cars? Tata Indica Vista electric car
The car groups in the industrial countries stoped any progress so long, that they are now even overtaken from car vendors in development countries. Tata Nano Europe electric power steering
Electric power steering could be a hint, that the Tata Nano is prepared to be leater easy converted to an electric vehicle. Tata Nano Europe
Wo thought Indians can not built airbag, ABS and ESP into a car was wrong. All this features has the made for Europe version of the Tata Nano. New names in the car industry
Tata from India brings an European version from the cheapest car Nano and shows an electric car, Heulitz from France shows 2 interesting electric cars. Magna Mila electric car
Electric only vesion from the Mila, instead of 10 kWh battery 28 kWh battery for 150 km range. 18 kWh batteries more, the gasoline engine less. Magna Mila Plug-in Hybrid
Who wants me? The customer sure, but what car group? The Dassault Group presumably failed with the Renault Kangoo Cleanova II, now Manga tries it. Magna Ford electric car
While Ford showed on the own booth nothing electrical, Manga showed this coachwork with the components for an electric drive system. Opel Ampera engine
In the Flextreme Study had been a Diesel engine. But the rentability between gasoline and  Diesel engine changes at a plug-in hybrid. Therefor the Ampera is shown with a gasoline engine. Opel Ampera cut
Cut through the Opel Ampera. Compare with the Flextreme: The battery remains in the middle, instead of 2 tanks on the side one Tank in the middle. Opel Ampera
The study Opel Flextreme comes more close to serial production and is now called Ampera. Would Opel started this some years earlier, Opel would now have no sorrows. Driving home from the energy fair Wels 2009
I visit this fair since 1992. It did not change since 17 years. The exhaust gas clouds of the fossil cars. The same primitivity since 1992. This promotion is a hammer
At the energy saving fair in Wels, an exhibitor parked a Humvee to make advertising for his products. Price for the worst advertising on the fair. Recharge station from Linz AG
1.) Choose with the yellow button the outlet 2) Put bank card in slot 3) Choose with yellow button the time 4.) Start with green button charging

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