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Battery for Hybrid bus truck from Magna
First application for hybrid in commercial vehicles: Applications with much stop and go like buses in city traffic or garbage trucks. 1st international trade fair for electric mobility
Munich has a new fair. Will this new fair maybe in some years be a serious competitor for the IAA Frankfurt and the car salon in Geneva? 1 litre car from Volkswagen
Same problems require same solutions. So is the rear bottom of the VW very similar to the same type of solution at the Loremo 1 litre car from VW
Without a doubt the dream car of all, who do not depend on a car, but would like to see other people in a car kick the habit. Volkswagen 1 litre car
I had no opportunity to look inside, but I have the suspicion, that I can transport on my electric scooter more than inside this 1 litre car. VW 1 Litre car front
1 litre Diesel has 9,8 kWh thermical energy. More car is not possible to move with this amount of energy. Plug-in Hybrid V70
Outside the 50km electric range, a 5 cylincer Diesel with automatic produces 183 g CO2/km. To compare this, the newest version of my Seat Alhambra is at only 159 g CO2/km. Volvo V70 Plug-in Hybrid
In this style, I would imagine a refit package for existing cars. In front the ICE with front wheel drive, in addition an electric engine for the rear wheels. 20 billion per year for resarch and development
The German car industry advertises with 20 billion EUR per year for resarch and development., but what from this is all a wrong investition? Sunrise at the IAA 2009
It's by far not real sunshine, only the sunrise after the fossil night, the dark age of mankind. Access road
From the main street, there are the tight turns 2,3,4,5 up to the house 6. 423 m (odometer corrected) in 96 seconds are 16 km/h in average. Tacho difference Elmoto HR2
When You drive 5km according to milestones, the odometer shows 5560m. 1 km on the display are 899m. It was not possible to check the speed. Wheel hub engine at Elmoto HR2
In the test vehicle had been a different wheel hub engine than in the 2 Elmoto in Hannover. Elmoto HR2
Astoundingly light with only 45kg. The lightest electric scooters with lithium batteries know by me have 85kg. Only 25 Ah instead of 40 Ah areonly 5 kg less weight. Sport shop Denifl in Fulpmes Tyrol
The test takes place at the Austrian general importer for Elmoto in the industrial zone of Fulpmes. The company is at a step access road. Fall in prices at tube televisions
Who had thought, 20 years ago, a 55cm color television will be for 99,90 EUR as a fast moving consumer good in a supermarket. How can a producer earn money with this? Engine a little bit to big
The 259 kW electric engine seems on the first view to be not jet optimized for the use in a car. Sorry, only a gag on the fair booth. Daimler and Jaguar soon electric
Most of our salesmanagement drives Daimler and Jaguar soon with our own Electric Motor. A vendor to change fossil cars to electric cars? Supercaps in the EcoCarrier Hy3 mit Triple Hybrid
Hydrogen technology simple explained. Why supercaps for an only 15 kW engine? Because the batteries are to small. Why are the batteries to small? Ecocarrier HY3 fuel cell
This fuel cell converts 154 kWh energy stored in hydrogen into 250km range. But to produce and compress the hydrogen by electrolysis Hydrogen pressure tank EcoCarrier HY3
The pressure tank has 43kg, is for 350 bar and has 73 litres volume. It can be filled 20 years 5000 times (EIHP) or 15000 times (ISO) Why simple when it can be done complicate?
Below the cargo platform for 4 Euro pallets: 2 hydrogen pressure tnaks (only 1 in the photo) left a battery, right capacitors, behind the fuel cell. Hydrogen scooter for disabled
Really unbelievable performance data has this hydrogen scooter. 15 km/h top speed and 25 km range with only 2 hydrogen tanks. Elmoto HR2 in hilly Stuttgart
Much surprised was the vendor about my fair report. It will not be possible to reconstruct what was with the 2 vehicles on the fair. Compare Elmoto HR-2 with other electric scooters
Attention! New test!  The failure to start on 12.5% slope with only 80 kg burden at a 4000.-EUR product from a country once advertising with ''German value work'' is staggering. Elmoto electric motorcycle from Germany
I try it later with the newer model, only a bigger wheel hug engine rear, to start on 12.5% slope. It had been even more legwork necessary than at the older model. German electric motorcycle Elmoto HR-2
The older model of the Elmoto has 2 electric engines, one in the front wheel, on in the rear wheel. A start on 12.5& slope is with 80 kg ( I with equipment ) not possible. This ramp was too steep
Attention! New test! Outside the hall was a small test drive for electric bicycles and electric scooters. A careful evaluation of the photo showed 12,5% slope. EWE Karmann electric car
Only a model on the Hannover fair. But it is a very important development. The estimation is alone for Germany 128 TWh (PEGE 2008) to 180 TWh (PEGE 1992). Innoscooter wheel hub engine and controller
The controller has much more surface to distribute the heat. The new wheel hub engine should have 6 kW for 90 km/h top speed.

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