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EMCO Novi mountain test with 22%
News and statements on current topics concerning the energy transition, climate protection and the necessary development towards worldwide wealth. IAA Frankfurt 2017 no thanks!
2015 Omerta, the wall of silence to the real consumption of the plug-in hybrids. As long as there are not enough new exhibitors, the IAA is uninteresting. Toyota Mirai
What to do with 79.000 EURO for a new car? A 4-seater with hydrogen, for each tank operation have to approach one of the most exotic hydrogen gas stations, or Citroen DS 21
On the fair booth of Citroen a DS 21. A large throw of 1955 which is already 60 years old. Bicycle pedelec without chain
This pedelec is designed as a serial hybrid. The human-driven pedals have no mechanical connection to the drive wheel. Only electricity is generated. VW Bus Lightweight Construction
How do you save 800 kg in a car? This fair booth shows it, VW Bus with only 1140 kg of empty weight. The lightest of the current generation weighs 1946 kg. BMW 330e Plug in Hybrid
2.1 liters and 11.9 kWh are the only indicators for consumption. In the absence of data, advice is therefore not possible. Thunder power first Tesla S competitor
From 2017 onwards this first shown Tesla S competitor will be available with a 125 kWh battery. This will be sufficient for a range of 650 km. Nissan electric van
After the Nissan Leaf this Van to be the next electric car from Nissan. Unfortunately, only 24 kWh battery and not a range extender available. Rear engine with Tesla S and BMW i3
Independent development, again the same result: The rear engine behind the rear axle. Top of the engine rear trunk. Front luggage compartment of BMW i3 and Tesla S
What happens when two completely independent companies develop a new electric car? Both also have a front trunk. Mitsubishi Outlander - the family Plug-in Hybrid
Renunciation of the camping trip, no thanks! 1500 kg towing capacity and 5 seats make the Outlander fully suitable for a family holiday at the campsite. Charger for BYD electric bus
This is a 100 kW charger. The next generation of BYD electric buses has the charger integrated and can be direct connected to three-phase current . Interior room BYD electric bus
Above the front and rear wheels are 4 chests containing 324 kWh lithium iron phosphate batteries. At the next generation remain only the blocks above the front wheels. Dashboard BYD electric bus
The workplace for the driver. The screen can be switched betwee rear view and the middle entrance. In the middle is the battery display about the charging status in percent. BYD electric bus on the Gaisberg
From Salzburg Gnigl 424m above sea level to the Gaisberg 1265m above sea level are 40 kWh used. At the way back, the battery is charged with 16 kWh. Solar starter aid
Rolling with the engine turned off, but I forgot to turn off the lights after the exit Salzburg Mitte, some hundred meters Münchner Bundesstrasse BYD electric bus 12
324 kWh batteries which are charged in 3 hours. Range 250 to 300 km. August 2011 a further 300 buses to be delivered in Shenzhen. BYD e6 taxi fleet test in Shenzhen
In a year the fleet of 50 taxis drove test 2.77 million km. Individual taxis arrived here 100 thousand km. No loss despite constant rapid charging. BYD in Detroit 2011
The 3 great dreams of BYD: affordable renewable energy, enironment friendly storage technology and mobility bades on this. 33 minutes BYD presentation in Detroit. Maxi electric Scooter Manhattan
With now 23 pieces 55 Ah lithium iron phosphat batteries, later up to 33 cells hat the IO-scooter Manhattan up to 57% more battery capacity than the Vectrix (3.7 kWh) Electric car in Changchun China
I saw 3 times electric cars in 3 days. I had never seen in Europe an electric car by chance on the street, always only at special events. Denzel brings BYD to Austia
Denzel brings chinese electric cars to Austria. Signing of a contract between Zhang Dejiang (vice prime minister Chinas) and KR Ing. Alfred Stadler (DENZEL CEO) BYD in Los Angeles with Arnold Schwarzenegger
Press conference with govenor Arnold Schwarzenegger and the major of Los Angeles: BYD will have his US head quater in Los Angeles. BBC shows BYD F3DM
Untill now, I have seen the BYD F3DM only at the Geneva car salon. BBC shows in this viedo a street full of charging columns, looks similar like parking meters in earlier times on the roadside. BYD E6 in Detroit
The future of the car powered by solar and wind electric power. Enjoy car driving without becoming an accessory to climate change. A dream came true! BYD - Built Your Dreams! Porsche Cayenne 1,7 kWh battery
To drive 125 kg solar scooter sport + 75 kg driver are 2,56 kWh batteries built in. For 2300 kg SUV should be on the other hand this 1,7 kWh battery enough. FIAT shelf life next oil crisis
Like at the IAA 2009, not a single electric vehicle. They think, it will be possible to buy all the technology, should it be ever necessary. Audi A8 Hybrid head start through technology
I was 2004 disappoint about my first test drive with a Toyota Prius. After hardly 2 km in dense city traffic in electric only mode, the gasoline engine started again. Child saefty in Chinese language
On this label next to a switch in the left back door of a BYD E6 is sure written “Child saefty“ in Chinese.