IAA International Automobile Exhibition Frankfurt 2015

Reports from the IAA 2015, the first Tesla competitor, problems with the plug in hybrid consulting,

Thunder power first Tesla S competitor Thunder power first Tesla S competitor
From 2017 onwards this first shown Tesla S competitor will be available with a 125 kWh battery. This will be sufficient for a range of 650 km.

BMW 330e Plug in Hybrid BMW 330e Plug in Hybrid
2.1 liters and 11.9 kWh are the only indicators for consumption. In the absence of data, advice is therefore not possible.

VW Bus Lightweight Construction VW Bus Lightweight Construction
How do you save 800 kg in a car? This fair booth shows it, VW Bus with only 1140 kg of empty weight. The lightest of the current generation weighs 1946 kg.

Bicycle pedelec without chain Bicycle pedelec without chain
This pedelec is designed as a serial hybrid. The human-driven pedals have no mechanical connection to the drive wheel. Only electricity is generated.

Citroen DS 21 Citroen DS 21
On the fair booth of Citroen a DS 21. A large throw of 1955 which is already 60 years old.

Toyota Mirai Toyota Mirai
What to do with 79.000 EURO for a new car? A 4-seater with hydrogen, for each tank operation have to approach one of the most exotic hydrogen gas stations, or