US$ 40 Oil price

Global economic crisis 2008. Supply and demand determine the price, and because demand falls by 5.5 million barrels per day, the oil price falls below US$ 40.

  Every 3rd car driver, every 3rd km with electric scooter

I have been testing electric scooters over 36,000 km since September 2006. Models with lithium batteries and over 80 km/h peak speed are also suitable for many long-distance commuters. It does not have to drive everyone with it, it is sufficient if everyone 3. drives with it. It does not have to be replaced the car completely, it is sufficient if every 3. km with it is driven. This formula would shift 11% of the car kilometers to the electric scooter. The fuel saving is however far larger than 11%, because mainly short distances and city trips are replaced. This alone would have the same effect on the oil price as the global economic crisis of 2008. 5.5 million barrels less consumption, oil price crashes below US$ 40.

  Rescue from the debt swamp

Backstop, the oil price drops, the mineral oil tax is adjusted, the petrol price remains the same. This amounts to EUR 60 billion for Germany. Budget restructuring, support programmes for oil withdrawal, reduction of social security charges.

  Stop with oil sand, oil shale, Arctic drilling

Who destroys the environment by mining oil sand and oil shale at an oil price below US$ 40? Nobody, it doesn't pay off! Who is drilling expensive and risky wells in the Arctic at less than US$ 40 oil price? Nobody, it doesn't pay off!

And where are my allies? Who is willing to propagate real solutions instead of pointing the finger at the bad driver? What percentage of car journeys could have been shifted to electric scooters today if my actions had been supported by all environmental organisations since 2006?

  2012 Jamming about the price of gasoline and more jamming

In order to achieve only 1% less oil consumption, the oil price must be increased by 20%. The car driver drives a car at any cost, but it's big when it comes to complaining.

Street scene from China
Mass media try to hide it. China has much electric mobility. Oil free mobility! 16 electric scooters, 1 three wheel electric scooter, 2 bicycles, 1 car

Solar starter aid Solar starter aid
Rolling with the engine turned off, but I forgot to turn off the lights after the exit Salzburg Mitte, some hundred meters Münchner Bundesstrasse