Production target for lithium battery industry

Estimation about the magnitude of the required production capacity of lithium batteries to deal with peak-oil and climate change. 100% renewable energy.

  Relevant pre studies of PEGE

Lithium battery as electric power storage
Basic calculation models for lithium an electricity storage. The textbook to recognise early, at what applications is rentability already given, or is short before rentability.

Break through at lithium batteries
Much longer service life and an evident reduction at the production costs. A new generation of lithium energy storage crucial for oil exit and climate protection.

Renewable energy depends from storage for electric power
Applied Materials wants to sell photovoltaic factories, but why only 80 and not 400 MW for a town with 1 million inhabitants? Without storage technology is not more possible.

  5000 GWh yearly battery production required

  • 20 TW photovoltaic worldwide produce 30,000 TWh electric power. 100 TWh batteries for the day/night balancing.
  • 2 billion electric cars with 25 kWh batteries underway. 50 TWh
  • At 30 years service life, required production capacity 5000 GWh per year.

  2010 new dimensions in electric mobility

BYD plans to sell their EV in the US market at the end of 2010. The car market will be transformed when they do. Who comes to late will be punished by life.1990 Erich Honecker and 2010?

No credit because of the Roland Berger lithtium prognoses
Imagine, You have just purchased a license for a far superior new ltihium battery. But Your bank does not want to give a credit for the production equipment.

Lithium battery production
Clarification of PEGE about the production of lithium batteries. Reply to a study of Roland Berger from February 2010. Short told: Drastic under capacity.

Mobility 1955 and 2015 in Germany
Mobility 1955 and 2015 will have surprising similarities, when the oil criis prognosticated by IEA hits with full hardness.

Top speed at electric cars
Cars with ICE internal combustion engines are designed, that in the 4th or 5th gear is the maximal engine power reached at top speed.

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