Long time test electric scooter E-Max 90S 2010

Many electric scooter owners don't use their scooters year 'round, but our long term test tells a different story. Your electric scooter can do far more than you think!

Towing the Sled Towing the Sled
After 1 km on a trail covered with snow, we arrive at the hill for sledding. Johanna disconnects her sled from the electric scooter.

Sledding with the electric scooter Sledding with the electric scooter
Today, Johanna is accompanied by her older brother Marius. The scooter makes easy work of snow covered trails. Hikers are curious about the silent trail transport.

Visiting a customer in Gaswerkgasse Visiting a customer in Gaswerkgasse
To a customer with a big parking lot, I would have driven at this weather with the car. But at the lack of parking lots around the Gaswerkgasse.

Parking lot at entrance Parking lot at entrance
Everyone loves to find a parking space right by the main entrance, especially in winter. You can every time with an electric scooter!

Winter tires for scooters Winter tires for scooters
Just like on my first long term E-MaxS scooter test I'm once again using Urban Master Snow Tires. Today's drive is on main streets in snow,

Tracks in snow Tracks in snow
After it was possible to drive on the trail covered with snow, the hill for sledging showed the border; 2 tries to drive up the hill fail.

Schranne in snow Schranne in snow
How has a heavy traffic jam allergy will also not drive at snow with the car in the city. 35 kg purchases are distributed 20 kg in front, 10 kg in the backpack, 5 kg in the topcase.

Glan brook looked on satellite photo like a street Glan brook looked on satellite photo like a street
I searched January 2007 a street from Gartenau to Piding. The satellite photo showed a snowy landscape and a black line.

Snow up to the floor slab Snow up to the floor slab
It snows in the morning. I test at a way in the wood, where I pulled 3 years ago childten with sledges. But the snow is to deep. Also without sledge difficult to drive.

Child pleasure Child pleasure
Because of the deep snow in the wood, only some rounds in the Ice-Lake-Street are possible. Maria has a visit from a school girl friend, who also comes with the sledge.

Always with tow-rope in winter Always with  tow-rope  in winter
To tow sledges or ski. Out of this reason, I have in winter a rope always in the top case of my electric scooter.

Electric scooter as ascension-aid Electric scooter as ascension-aid
This are only 15% uphill, but when the rear wheel digs in the snow, nothing more is possible. Here I try to pull Johanna up a way in the wood.

Skijoring with an electric scooter Skijoring with an electric scooter
At an other a little bit less steep way in the wood, it was nearly without problems. At the following downhill, Johanna wants to drive in front.

Return from skijoring Return from skijoring
Johanna would like to drive one more time, but to hold the electric scooter on the narrow tread out track is very laboringly. Her small ski can be easy transported.

Going home on side streets Going home on side streets
After even the main street ''Alpenstraße'' was covered with snow, I drive home on few used side streets. In the Hellbrunner Allee, I met only one bicycle driver and one film team.

Snow poles disturb Snow poles disturb
New skijoring idea: I on a way without snow, Johanna on the meadow. But I had at this idea locked over all the snow poles beside the street.

Attention! Animals crossing Attention! Animals crossing
A rabbit went over the street, a hart at the border of the street stared on me, a deer crossed the street immediately behind my electric scooter, all in some minutes.

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