BYD in Los Angeles with Arnold Schwarzenegger

Press conference with govenor Arnold Schwarzenegger and the major of Los Angeles: BYD will have his US head quater in Los Angeles.

  BYD Built Your Dreams 2010 news and analyses

On the way to the most important car producer in the world. News and analyses about BYD building our dreams from being stable and environement friendly mobile.

BYD E6 in Detroit BYD E6 in Detroit
The future of the car powered by solar and wind electric power. Enjoy car driving without becoming an accessory to climate change. A dream came true! BYD - Built Your Dreams!

BBC shows BYD F3DM BBC shows BYD F3DM
Untill now, I have seen the BYD F3DM only at the Geneva car salon. BBC shows in this viedo a street full of charging columns, looks similar like parking meters in earlier times on the roadside.

Wish list for the BYD e6
Wishes for a change in the serial equipment, and what should be available as accessories. Maybe some is already built in, but I do not know it.

Denzel brings BYD to Austia Denzel brings BYD to Austia
Denzel brings chinese electric cars to Austria. Signing of a contract between Zhang Dejiang (vice prime minister Chinas) and KR Ing. Alfred Stadler (DENZEL CEO)

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