Toyota wants more efficient ethanol production

Toyota wants to create with some project partners a more efficient production of Ethanol. Key data are 33 Cent production cost

  What are 200 millionen litre Ethanol?

What are 200 million litre Ethanol? Ethanol has 5.87 kWh per litre, gasoline 8.9 kWh per litre. So for the same amount of energy 51% more litre ethanol than gasoline. A car needing 6 litre gasoline needs 9 litres ethanol. Referring to 15000 km a year are 200 million litre the supply for 150,000 cars.

  200 million litre ethanol per year with solar electric power

Instead of 6 litre gasoline, 9 litre ethanol, a middle class car can also drive with 15 kWh electric power. This would be for 150,000 cars and 15000 km a year 337.6 GWh. In Germany is a photovoltaic with 2.4 kW peak enough to produce the amount of electricity to drive such a car needs for 15,000 km a year. A little bit more south are 2 kW enough for the supply of a car.

When the whole project should supply 150,000 cars, this are 300 MW photovoltaic. This is 3 weeks of the current photovoltaic world production. It should be until 2015. In 6 years can a 50 MW/year factory produce the modules, supplying 2015 this 150.000 cars.

  200 million litre ethanol per year in wind power

Usual are in the present 5 MW wind power plants. 32 of this windmills are enough. 160 MW installed wind power. In the year 2008 was the worldwide production 27,056 MW wind power power plants. 160 MW as equivalent to this ethanol projects are 0,6% of this. A little bit more than 2 days of the wind power plant world production.

  2009 car factories banished by fosil recession

Peak-oil pricked all economy bubbles and created the first fossil recession. The fossil propulsion of cars is at the end, but some governments do not want to recognise this.

Prognosis Roland Berger about electric mobility
50% of new cars in high developt countries, 10% of new cars in other countries will be 2020 electric cars or plug-in hybrid cars.

German environment minister in panic
German environment minister Sigmar Gabriel on visit in China gets big panic. German car industry soon in front of looked doors in China.

European car industry before destruction?
Within a few month a drastic change in prognoses. From the ''No problem'' McKinsey study up to the destruction of the European car industry.

40 years moon landing
It was a fight of the systems USA vs UDSSR. The Sputnik and Juri Gagarin had been evident challenges for the USA to start the race to the moon.

Prognosis IEA and Energy Watch Group
The prognosis of the Energy Watch Group from autumn 2007 about the decrease of oil production is wastepaper. The new IEA data from August 2009 are much harder.

Scrapping bonus for cars
Some governments recognize the first fossil recession only as a small insignificant case of malfunction of the fossil economic system, not as a fundamental crisis forcing to rethink.

GM vice president Bob Lutz against Volt GM vice president Bob Lutz against Volt
Bob Lutz: Mainly because of high costs and small range can battery cars not compete with gasoline and diesel vehicles.

Prognosis Sweden
The prognosis of the electric power producers in Sweden is with 600.000 electric cars until 2020 much more realistic, than the German with 1 million.

Vacuum assist for electric propulsion Vacuum assist for electric propulsion
The old fashioned vacuum assist only working when the ICE is running is an anachronism, an obstacle to change a car to electric propulsion. Here a modern solution.

Victims of the scrap bonus
The German government takes extreme measures to destabilice. With 2500.-EUR scraping bonus are the owners of old cars persuaded to buy a new car.

Tagesanzeiger Switzerland
In the online version of May 8th brings the ''Tagesanzeiger'' Switzerland an article about electric and Plug-in Hybriccars keeping more secret than writing.

US energy ministry about the hydrogen car
Die PEGE leistet seit Jahren Aufklärungsarbeit über das Wasserstoff Brennstoffzellenauto. Unsere Meinung wird offensichtlich von US Energieminister Steven Chu geteilt.

Prognosis car ads in the next oil crisis Prognosis car ads in the next oil crisis
We show today how the placards for cars will look like in the next oil crisis. The price of oil and electric power as the main theme of advertising.

Car ads in the next oil crisis Car ads in the next oil crisis
Why exacerbate climate change by burning expensive oil products, when you can power your car with inexpensive and environmentally friendly solar electric power?

Stuttgarter Nachrichten conceals electric scooters
Articel, Sunday June 7th: ''The rattle gang is back in town''. Very expensive 2 stroke engine scooters are cheered, 4 strke engines are celebrated as the last progress.

Formula 1 budget quarrel
Many formula one teams want to exit, because they want to spent more than 45 million EUR per year. Is this the right investment at the right time?

Bread and games
Games without bread is something very reprehensible. What was in old Rome the bread is today mobility. Mobility has to be changed from crude oil to renewable energy.

In 80 days around the world race
March 2010 starts a very special race for cars and motorcycles. In 80 days around the world with zero emissions. This means an electric car and electric motorcycle race.

Wolfgang Tiefensee SPD: again nonsense with 1 million electric cars.
There I read August 10th, one week after the disastrous IEA prognosis, in der newspaper ''time'': ''German government wants more speed for electric cars''

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