Gasoline does not come out of the filling station

Electric power does not come out of the outlet, gasoline not out of the filling station. Green house gas emissions to deliver to the socket or the gasoline station in change of time.

  The electric power does not come out of the socket

It's obvious at the electric car. No exhaust valve, but are there not caloric power plants behind the socket to produce the electric power? But the electric power mix can and have to become much cleaner. The extension of renewable energy can be much larger than the electric power demand from plug-in hybrid and electric cars.

Electric power becomes cleaner

Electric power from wind and sun replaces electric power from caloric power plants.

  Gasoline does not come out of the filling station

The exhaust gased come out of the exhaust valve, but this is by far not all. Before the gasoline or diesel came to the gasoline station, the crude oil had to be produced, transported over long distance and refined in a refinery

What happens when the easy to take oil wells dry up? Existing oil wells loose 6,7% production capacity per year. Oil sand, oil shales and coal liquification are the 3 oil shales of environment horror. At the coal liquification is per litre gasoline twice as much CO2 produced compared to light crude oil. A 120 g CO2/km car at the border of the EU-norm becomes by the coal liquification a 240 g CO2/km very dirty car.

Every possible progress at the ICE internal combustion engine is here more than compensated by higher emissions at producing the fuel.

Fuel becomes more and more durty.

Light crude oil from easy oil wells is less and less available and will be replaced by Öil sand, oil shales and coal liquification.

  Mobility in the future - Questions and answers

Enlightenment over false arguments and dissinformation campaigns. Facts about our mobility in the future.

Strange allies against the electric car
Deadly enemies in the past, allies from today when it's in both sides interest, to talk the possibilities of electric mobility for the climate protection small.

What can the electric car contribute to the climate protection
Fear and doubt agents try to spread rumors, that the electric car would only contribute very few to the climate protection until 2030. Here the truth about this nonsens.

Is there enough lithium for all the batteries
Fear and doubt agents try to spread rumors, there is not enough lithium for the production of electric cars.

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