Is there enough lithium for all the batteries

Fear and doubt agents try to spread rumors, there is not enough lithium for the production of electric cars.

Details and statistics about lithium from

2008 had been worldwide 27400 tons lithium produced. The worldwide reserves are 13 million tons. This means at this time a range of 474 years.

A very high range, it's only 63 years at cooper. At the other end of the scale is indium. Best You see about this all the yearly reports about indium.

  46 g / kWh Lithium Iron Phosphat battery

Divide 13 million tons by 46 g lithium required for 1 kW battery capacity. This gives the unhandy huge number 289 TWh battery capacity. To have a better imagination about the number, divide by 8 billion people. This gives 36 kWh. Each human can have from the current lithium reseve base 36 kWh batteries. This is by far enough for a high living standard for all humanity.

  1 kg per electric car - 21 kWh battery

The production has to be increased. To delier every year for 70 million plug-in hybrid and electric cars 21 kWh batteries -1 kg lithium, 70,000 tons more yearly production is required. This increase should be possible until 2017. See about this the PEGE prognosis about electric cars in Germany

  New lithium deposit discovered in Mexico October 2009

The new discoverd deposit can deliver starting 2011 10,000 to 12,000 tons per year. Enough for 10 to 12 million electric cars per year.

Lithium has the best expectations to solve our problems at our mobility and the day/night balancing of a photovoltaic oriented power supply.

  Mobility in the future - Questions and answers

Enlightenment over false arguments and dissinformation campaigns. Facts about our mobility in the future.

Strange allies against the electric car
Deadly enemies in the past, allies from today when it's in both sides interest, to talk the possibilities of electric mobility for the climate protection small.

Gasoline does not come out of the filling station
Electric power does not come out of the outlet, gasoline not out of the filling station. Green house gas emissions to deliver to the socket or the gasoline station in change of time.

What can the electric car contribute to the climate protection
Fear and doubt agents try to spread rumors, that the electric car would only contribute very few to the climate protection until 2030. Here the truth about this nonsens.

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