What can the electric car contribute to the climate protection

Fear and doubt agents try to spread rumors, that the electric car would only contribute very few to the climate protection until 2030. Here the truth about this nonsens.

  When there would be enogh crude oil and natural gas

After the disasterouse oil prognosis of the IEA, it' only possible to take the possibility form. At enough crude oil and natural gas, it would be possible to make enough electric power in CCPP (Combined Cycle Power Plants).

By the much higher efficiency from CCPP and electric cars compared to the ICE internal combustion engine it would be possible to produce enough electric power, that it would be possible to swicth off all coal power plants.

  Electric mobility without alternative in the oil crisis

But we will not have enough crude oil and natural gas. According to a study of PEGE will be only 18 million plug-in hybrid and electric cars 2020 in Germany. More fast will be the change not possible. This means still 27 million cars with ICE greedily for gasoline and Diesel. Only 2030, there will be 45 million in Germany.

Eacht year where in Germany 3 million new plug-in hybrid and electric cars replace ICE cars the yearly yield of wind and sun should increase by 7 TWh. This is even possible with photovoltaic only.

Yearly extension GW new installed TWh more yield
EEG extension 2009 2,4 GW 2,2 TWh
Solar duty for new houses 10 GW 8 TWh
Solar duty extended to roof renewal 20 GW 15 TWh

  Mobility in the future - Questions and answers

Enlightenment over false arguments and dissinformation campaigns. Facts about our mobility in the future.

Strange allies against the electric car
Deadly enemies in the past, allies from today when it's in both sides interest, to talk the possibilities of electric mobility for the climate protection small.

Gasoline does not come out of the filling station
Electric power does not come out of the outlet, gasoline not out of the filling station. Green house gas emissions to deliver to the socket or the gasoline station in change of time.

Is there enough lithium for all the batteries
Fear and doubt agents try to spread rumors, there is not enough lithium for the production of electric cars.

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