Logistic of electric mobility

The migration of nations, the traditional summer holiday of the Europeans at the southern beaches of Europe is the big challenge for electric mobility.

Nothing is a bigger challenge for electric mobility than the migration of nations from the northern part of Europe to the southern sunny beaches. A battery exchange system successful on a small island, Israel has to be seen as such, would be there an unsolvable logistic task.

  Exchange battery vs fast charging station

Criteria Diesel / gasoline Exchange battery Fast charging
Grid connection Light and other small appliances All exchanged batteries have to be charged All cars have to be direct charged
Storehouse Tanks for gasoline and Diesel Warehouse for all changed batteries, possibility to charge the batteries Buffer battery for peak demans

  5 MWh buffer battery for a highway recharge station

A big highway recharge station will have a fast charging system with 5 MWh buffer battery, so peak demand can be distribute, the grid connection can be smaller. One single big buffer battery in the fast charging system vs warehouses with small batteries in the exchange system.

  Lithium Revolution - consequences for mobility

What influence has the just filed patent for lithium batteries of the company Ogron on the mobility? A analysis how this new invention influences the development.

Plug-in Hybrid as an ideal compromiss
For a transition period is the plug-in hybrid an ideal compromiss. Able for long distances with the ICE internal combustion engine, but in the every day usage most time an electric car.

Better place exchange battery Better place exchange battery
To think at all on a battery exchange system can be only seen as an act of desperation

The migration of nations
Each summer the same spectacle: Endless convoys of cara on the Tauern highway towards the southern beaches of Europe. Would this bee possible with exchanging batteries?

Charge from battery to battery
The features of the battery described in the Ogron patent makes at fast charging a economic transfer from battery to battery possible.

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