Lead acid battery: discontinued model like the tube

The tube had been replaced by the transistor. We just experience the replacement of the picture tube by flat screens. The next discontinued model is the lead acid battery.

Who killed the electric car
The lead acid battery! The first electric cars had been in the time of the wild west. The quality of lead acid batteries brought them an undeserved end.

Development stop at the ICE internal combustion engine
After the lead acid battery killed the first electric cars, they had for a century in cars with internal combustion engines an insignificant secondary role as SLI battery.

More comfort brings breakdowns
More comfprt brings more electric consumption in the car. The statistic of breakdowns shows that the lead acid battery is overstrained with this, more and more breakdowns are cause by the SLI battery.

Electric scooter: the 2000 km question
Every good dealer will ask You at the consultation: how many km a year do You drive per year. At more than 2000km a year, he will recommend lithium batteries.

Fall in prices at tube televisions Fall in prices at tube televisions
Who had thought, 20 years ago, a 55cm color television will be for 99,90 EUR as a fast moving consumer good in a supermarket. How can a producer earn money with this?

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