Consumption scooter 125ccm 11 kW class

Surprisingly economical for the performance is the Solar Scooter Sport at our test. Here a list of travels and the consumption at recharging.

Description km Tacho km real Wh kWh/100km Tacho kWh/100 km real
Bad Hofgastein Gartenau 103,5 83,7 2690 2,69 3,33
Hofer 4,9 4,0 442 4,59 5,68
Hofer 4,8 4,0 325 6,77 8,37
Hellbrunn 18,1 14,6 470 2,60 3,21
Gaisberg 55,1 44,6 2480 4,50 5,56
Primary school + playground 6,6 5,3 297 4,5 5,66
to Abersee 56,5 45,7 1580 2,80 3,46
over Vorderfager back 58,8 47,6 2315 3,94 4,87
Elementary school 5,5 4,5 228 4,15 5,12
ÖAMTC and city 25,2 20,4 998 3,96 4,89
Fischerwirt at Bischofshofen 49,3 39,9 918 partial partial
Agip Bad Hofgastein 51,0 41,3 150 partial partial
Schönaigner Bad Hofgastein 3,8 3,1 2341 3,27 4,05
Gesamt Test 443,1 358,5 15112 3,41 4,22

Despite the higher speed less consumption compared to the first E-Max S test.
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  Solar Scooter Sport Test

In the 45km/h limited class, electric scooters are state of art, now the first test with an electric scooter with L3E registration, this means the 125 ccm class up to 11 kW engine power.

Bad Hofgastein: pick up the test vehicle Bad Hofgastein: pick up the test vehicle
Friday late afternoon. It's raining and it even snows in the Gastein valley. No leisure time motorcycle driver underway at this weather. But it should not be tested for fun.

First test drive Bad Hofgastein to Gartenau First test drive Bad Hofgastein to Gartenau
Very hardly, it was possible to drive this distance without charging. To save energy, I drove with tacho 60 later even with tacho 50. Astonishing the odometer shows 103,5 km

Shopping Shopping
Where to put the purchase? After I published at my E-Max S a manual how to laod even extensive purchases, at the Scooter Sport is in front

Hellbrunn to test slow driving Hellbrunn to test slow driving
2 bicyles without air, no pump to find. So one child drives with me on the electric scooter, the other on the bicycle. Opportunity to test the consumption at 10 to 20 km/h.

Zistelalm Zistelalm
What a difference compared to the first montain test on the E-Max S. 2006 was the E-Max S the top model from China. Today is the Solar Scooter Sport one of them.

Electric on the mountain Electric on the mountain
From the Zistelalm in 4 minutes 38 secondes to the top. 50km/h tacho are about 40km/h real. The engine 22 degree Celsius, but the controller has heated up to 42 degree.

Panorama from the Gaisberg in late dusk Panorama from the Gaisberg in late dusk
Enjoy nature without bad conscience, without ignoring the climate change. For decades had been the escape, electric mobility and electricity from sun and wind being ignored.

Abersee as commuter test Abersee as commuter test
Tacho 90, when a little bit downhill Tacho 100, maybe real 70 to 80 on the country street to Abersee, during a long conference, recharge for the journey back.

Long distance commuter Long distance commuter
Maybe we are at the oil price in the eye of the hurricane. Do not fear, with this new electric scooter, the workplace can be reached fast and extreme cheap.

SAMTC director Lobensommer SAMTC director Lobensommer
Already summer 1994, I talked with director Lobensommer about my dream with electric mobility and solar electric power. I asked at this time even to built the GEMINI house on the flat roof

Recharge before Bischofshofen Recharge before Bischofshofen
Bad Hofgastein is about 400m higher than Salzburg. In addition, I plan to go fast. So a recharge pause with supper is planned at the Fischerwirt.

The goodbye is difficult The goodbye is difficult
There are some points for critic at the Solar Scooter Sport, anyway, I would liked to have it immedeately for my next long time test, the goodbye is difficult.,

Seat Solar Scooter Sport Seat Solar Scooter Sport
With nearly 80cm length of the seat and 185 kg pay load nor only a real 2 seater, even people with a little bit overweight have a real sufficient place.

Helmet locker only for the charger Helmet locker only for the charger
There is no place for a helmet, only for the charger. There would be so much place down to the batteries. Presumably, it's the same helmet locker like for the gasoline version.

Gas handle extreme rough Gas handle extreme rough
The gas handle reacts extreme rough. As an emergency solution for this problem, the producer has placed a switch beside the handle.

Wheel hub engine for 13 inch rims Wheel hub engine for 13 inch rims
Still 2007, I thought a thermical engine shut off is an absolute must. Only 10 degree Celsius at the travel to top of the Gaisberg had been a very positive surprise.

Instruments Solar Scooter Sport Instruments Solar Scooter Sport
The fuel gauge is inadequate. When the vehicle is parked with batteries in the red area, 5 minutes later, it shows 80% full. 809m are 1km.

Type shield with production date Type shield with production date
Arngren Sky Commuter AS - 2008-07-20 is written on the type shield. With the travel time of a container ship, my test vehicle could be only 2 weeks in Europe.

Flap to the battery department Flap to the battery department
A lockable flap opens the access to the batteries room. Eventualy is this flap a relict from a gasoline scooter with the same coachwork.

Thundersky lithium iron phospaht Thundersky lithium iron phospaht
At the open flap are the single 40 Ah LiFePO4 cells to see. Not existing: wires for a BMS (battery management system) or seperate charge of each cell.

Battery room in electric scooter Battery room in electric scooter
I put my camera into the flap. Viewing to the rear, my camera sees each time 4 battery cells side by side and 5 rows one after the other. 20 pieces 40Ah cells.

Charger from Thunder Sky Charger from Thunder Sky
750 Watt charging power give together with the low test consumption of 4,22 kWh/100km a load speed of 17,7 km/h. Only 2 Watt Stand by consumption are noted also very positive.

Solar Scooter Sport dipped headlight Solar Scooter Sport dipped headlight
The photo confirms what was clear at driving in the night: At the dipped headlight is the Solar Scooter Sport far better than the E-Max S.

High beam at Solar Scooter Sport High beam at Solar Scooter Sport
While at the E-Max S, the garage was big enough to test high beam, for the much better high beam of teh Solar Scooter Sport, a much bigger testing area would be appropriate.

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