Purchase consulting for scooters

There are some unambiguous cases at the purchase recommendation. in all other cases is the border flowing between the 2 test candidates E-Max 110S and IO scooter Lithium.

Criterion E-Max 110S IO-Scooter Lithium
over 2 m tall *****  
over 180 cm tall, very often 2 on the scooter *****  
160cm tall, 45 kg light   *****
Carry in the motorhome   *****
Charge on the campsite   *****

  Recharge on the campground

The power outlets on an European (230V) camping ground are often with 6 A, sometimes even only with 4 A protected. The 1300 Watt charger of the E-Max S could be there a problem. The 500 Watt charger from the IO-scooter should be possible on all campinggrounds.

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  Scooter test 2008 top models in the 45km/h class

The latest top models from 2008 in the 45 km/h class are compared in our test: E-Max 110S against IO-Scooter Lithium.

Much choice at Scooter Deinlein Much choice at Scooter Deinlein
Secure for the future scooters in big variety ready for a test drive at Scooter Deinlein in Piding. From left to right: E-Max 110S, IO-Scooter Silicon sealed lead acid

Seat E-Max 110S Seat E-Max 110S
The new E-Max series is a complete new construction oriented on European body size. Direct with the knees behind the steering is enough place for 2 persons.

Scooter for basketball start with girlfriend Scooter for basketball start with girlfriend
With the use of the room for the knees left and right from the steering, even a very large driver larger than 2m can take a passenger without problems.

IO-Scooter Seat IO-Scooter Seat
The IO-Scooter has the same size as my long time test vehicle E-Max S. I am 178cn tall, When my wife comes with me, I have to move forward on the bank.

Electric scooter 22% uphill Electric scooter 22% uphill
The mountain test awaited full of suspense Will the 191 kg heavy E-Max 110S make it up? How much faster will the lightweight IO-scooter up the montain?

Datas from the scooter test Datas from the scooter test
What is at the cars Diesel vs gasoline, what s at the fossil cooters 4 stroke vs 2 stroke, this is now at the electric scooters in a new edition: Lithium vs lead.

Impressions at the scooter test Impressions at the scooter test
As long as driven with 45 km/h there is nothing negative at the vehicle dynamic of both scooters. Only downhill at 80km/h are differences.

Charger e-max-110s Charger e-max-110s
The 1300 Watt charger with metall case just fits in the charger locker below the seat. The helmet locker is here sized down to a charger locker.

Charger IO-Scooter lithium Charger IO-Scooter lithium
In fact, it's not one charger, but 14 chargers. Each single lithium mangan battery has an own charger, cable and LED display.

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