Intersolar 2008 - the fuel fair for our future mobility

PEGE writes since 1991 about the linkage of solar electric power and mobility. Special part of our fair report about solar mobility Main part fair report Intersolar 2008

Indulgence trade Indulgence trade
The CO2 emissions over 10000 km per year from this year should be forgiven or compensated by this photovoltaic. An indulgence trade of the new sort.

Solar racing car Solar racing car
A horse needs about 20000 m² gras land. Even with absolut light construction, a pasture for a horse would weight 40 tons. Solar racing cars are so a very impressive example

Solar mobility Solar mobility
The ''Solar Mobil'' limited shows on their booth clearly the connection between solar electric power and mobility. Drive 10000 km a year an electric scooter.

Electric scooter for broad solar application Electric scooter for broad solar application
In total opposit to the solar racing cars, which had unitl now never an importance for the mobility of the masses, the electric scooter has everything for the mass application.

Solar refueling station Solar refueling station
For stand alone usage or grid connected could hundred millions of such solar refueling stations together with electric scooters be the first step towards the oil exit.

Oldtimer Mercedes 170D Oldtimer Mercedes 170D
What makes this old Diesel car on a solar fair? It was intended to symbolise the longevity of the own products was the surprising answer.

Gallium Arsenid Photovoltaic Gallium Arsenid Photovoltaic
6 m² surface of the solar racing car are covered with Gallium Arsenid photovoltaic. This brings at 28% efficiency

Wheel hub engine for solar racer Wheel hub engine for solar racer
A 7 kW wheel hub engine is in the single front wheel. A special construction. It would be interesting to compare the technical data with the engine of the E-Max 190L

Model solar racer Model solar racer
Concept of the high school Anhalt for a solar racing car. But not a single student comes with an electric scooter to school. No solar charging station at the school.

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