Innoscooter 2500 Lithium electric scooter

First short test with an Innoscooter 2500 with 50 Ah lithium polymer battery- Ideal for all living distant from the next town in ''Without car impossible'' areas.

First test in the vineyard at Vaihingen First test in the vineyard at Vaihingen
June 20th 2007, I had a first opportunity to test a lithium model of Innoscooter. To compare, I have no declaration for the gradient of the street.

Electric scooter Electric scooter
At a small gradient at Handenberg, first test compare with the E-Max S. Uphill 35 vs 40 km/h, downhill 55 vs 75 km/h.

Scooter with lithium polymer batteries Scooter with lithium polymer batteries
The chest below the helmet locker is designed for 3 of 4 pieces 38 Ah Silicon sealed lead acid batteries. There is much place left beside the 50 Ah 48 V lithium polymer battery.

Electric scooter with Integrated charger Electric scooter with Integrated charger
At the model with 4 * 38 Ah lead batteries is here the last battery. In the lithium model enough place for a 300 Watt charger.

The electric scooter family The electric scooter family
In the garage from left to right: An E-Max S, the Innoscooter 2500, the head of the family and Mr. Deinlein on a home visit to repair an E-Max.

Electric vehicles
From the replacement of the fossile rattle stink moped by cheap electric scooters up to the electric super sports car. Overview about electric verhicles.

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