Subaru concept car G4e

It's time to stop calling urgent required cars as ''concept cars''. 200km range would be for my wife enough.

Subaru concept car G4e
It's time to stop calling urgent required cars as “concept cars“. 200km range would be for my wife enough.

When can I replace her small car, coming more and more difficult through the technical evaluation with such a car?
Electric vehicles
From the replacement of the fossile rattle stink moped by cheap electric scooters up to the electric super sports car. Overview about electric verhicles.

Subcompact cars
Directory over all our reports about mini sized cars. All our articles about subcompact cars.

  Geneva international motor show 2008

Geneva fair report. While Fisker is more for the rich people, BYD shows the big surprise on the Geneva car exhibition.

Panorama Geneva car exhibition 2008 Panorama Geneva car exhibition 2008
Fair panorama from the Geneva car show. At most of the exhibition pieces, there has to be the question, how to pay the fuel in10 years.

BYD from China BYD from China
Build Your Dreams - I dream since 1991 from a car recharged by the electric power from the roof of my dream house..

When the sun rises in the east, the stars dim When the sun rises in the east, the stars dim
Driving with fossile cars becomes more and more a burden. High oil prices and the environment conscience encumber much. But 'Built Your Dreams' from China shows a solution.

BYD F3 DM Plug-in Hybrid car
The fair sensation in Geneva 2008: A plug in hybrid car from China. I wrote already 2005, when the European car companies continue to sleep deep, we will drive Chinese cars. BYD F3 DM cut
In a cutted car are all components of the plug-in hybrid drive system are shown. Motor in BYD F3 DM
Left the 1 litre 50 kW gasoline engine, right the 50 kW electric engine. Above the engine controller. Battery im BYD F3 DM
At the BYD booth was also this lithium iron phosphat cell with 3.3 Volt 120 Ah. The car is listed with 100 pieces 60 Ah cells. Plugs for home and quick charge
Left the plug for the 230 volt connection, right a connection for a quick charger to load in 10 minutes 50% charge into the 20 kWh battery. This means about 60 kW charge power.

Fisker Karma Plug-in Hybrid Fisker Karma Plug-in Hybrid
Up to 80km electric only range, on longer travels provides a gasoline engine the propulson. Fisker follows the logical way to bring new technology first in the luxury class.

BMW Diesel active hybrid BMW Diesel active hybrid
Since decades, we are every time happy about a little bit less fuel consumption at a new car. Some year ago, BMW would have been celebrated for this hybrid car.

VW Golf Hybrid VW Golf Hybrid
2 years ago, I wrote enthusiastic at the EVER Monaco about the Citroen C4 Dieselhybrid. But time does not stop, the requirements develop fast further.

Rolling resistance tires Rolling resistance tires
Michelin demonstrates the effect of the rolling resistance. They let one car with Michelin energy saver and an other car with standard tires down a ramp.

Opel Flextreme around Video Opel Flextreme around Video
After the IAA 2007 seeing again the Opel Flextreme. The Video (9 MB) shows the car on a turning disk.

BMW battery for hybrid vehicles
The battery is rated with 120V and 0,8 kWh. This gives a medium sized car only a range of only 5km. Much to less to change at mobility the energy source VW Golf Dieselhybrid
55 kW Diesel engine in the photo left. The 20 kW electric engine is not visible in the photo. Even when the much to small 1,3 kWh battery would be replaced by a 10 kWh battery, VW Golf Hybriddiesel
Usual for Volkswagen typical design of the instruments. VW Golf Hybrid battery
View in the lower part of the luggage boot. The 1,3 kWh NiMh is regretfully only enough for short distances. Behind the 12 V battery, which has no place in the engine department. Lead battery long time test in Honda Insight
Normally, the Honda insight is equipped with a 32,5 kg 144 V 6.5 Ah NiMh battery. This one with a special lead battery, also 144 V 6.5 Ah, but 56.5 kg.

Subaru G4e electric car Subaru G4e electric car
200 km range should this concept car have. Here disturbs only the name concept car. Where to order such a car? When to drive such a car?

Subaru lithium nano vanadium battery Subaru lithium nano vanadium battery
On the booth of Subaru at the Geneva car exhibition was in front of the G4e this battery.

Tata Nano Tata Nano
A big contribution for traffic security delivers Tata with the Nano. Who has ever transported wife and 2 children on a scooter will sure agree with this.

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