German manufacturers against CO2 reduction from EU

The reduction to 120g CO2/km until 2012 wanted by the EU is very generous. Nevertheless, the organization of German manufacturers is against it.

What are 120g CO2 per km? At gasoline 5,1 l/100km, at Diesel 4,5 l/100km and at electric power, but what electric power? The current German electric power mix is at 550g CO2/kWh. So at the current German electricity mix, a car can consume 21,8 kWh/100km. This is today. Until 2012 will be a lot more wind energy, photovoltaic and biomass put to use. Old power plants with low efficiency go offgrid and will be replaced by better ones. Already a reduction to 500g CO2/kWh allows a car 2012 to consume generous 24 kWh/100km.

  120g CO2 is an extrem mild policy

The Venturi Fetish is listed with 16 to 23 kWh/100km. This is a sports car for high acceleration brake curve, high acceleration brake curve angegeben. So when the EU proposes to reduce CO2 emissions 2012 to a value which can be reached by a high performing sports car, it's only possible to call this an extrem mild policy.

Let's look on an other electric car, the 1991 constructed oldtimer Peugeot 106. Clear, modern battery technology is more efficient, but this oldtimer reaches 18 kWh/100km. With 500g CO2/kWh electric power mix 25% below EU policy.

  What a clever car producer would do

A smart car producer would do lobbying for solar energy and wind energy. Each reduction of CO2 emission per produced kWh electric power increases the allowed power usage to be still under 120 g CO2/km.At 400g/CO2 per kWh, 30 kWh/100km would be allowed.

  2007 fun at economizing CO2

From wasting time in traffic jams and for searching a parking lots to an electric scooter driver. When will it be possible to replace my fossile car?

Boycott fossile technology at buying cars
As long as the car producers have nothing better to offer, continue to drive Your old car until it falls apart. Force the big companies

Use a car for longer time Use a car for longer time
To persist the purchase boycott until the industriy offers decent cars, it can be necessary to use the current car for a distinct longer time.

Public traffic no help against climate change
Many ´politicians should free up from the illusion that public traffic could reduce CO2 emissions. We need an environment friendly motorized individual traffic.

Support the EU commission at the CO2 reduction
Just 2 days after our call for boycott against fossile car technology are EU plans against CO2 monsters published. Let us show the car manufactures what sort of cars we want!

Franz alt spreads out future fear
After the German ministry for traffic Wolfgang Tiefensee was clear for an environment friendly car traffic, cross shots from a well know source.

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