Monaco dangers for the tourism

They have only 50ccm cylinder capacity, but their noise and exhaust gases are the greatest threat and limitation for the tourism in the dense built town on the montain.

Postal van drives electric in Monaco Postal van drives electric in Monaco
Some interviews with drivers from postal vans with Diesel engines in Austria showed consumption values around twice the norm value for driving in the city.

Driving ban shield Driving ban shield
I asked an policeman, this driving ban shield between casino and harbor is also for electric scooters. It's time, that the government changes this.

Luxury yacht in Monaco Luxury yacht in Monaco
A dream, lodge in the own yacht in the harbor of Monte Carlo. But this dream can turn to a nightmare when this 9 scooters keep awake.

Key question for Monte Carlo Key question for Monte Carlo
More rattle stink scooters or more tourists? What has more value for Monte Carlo? Technic objectors remaining at gasoline scooters instead of electric scooters or tourists?

Germany should not develop like Monaco Germany should not develop like Monaco
Because of the climate change, the border of intensive scooter using moves north. The politics has to prevent, that Germany becomes like Monaco!

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