Linde hydrogen truck

To make test drives with hydrogen cars possible, where there are no hydrogen refilling stations, Linde created this refilling truck

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With 8.-EUR per kg is hydrogen much more expensive than Diesel.
Diesel may cost 2,37 EUR per litre, that a kWh chemical energy
has the same price.

In earlier times, hydrogen from renewable enerty was thought to be the only method how to get car driving clean. But now are the efficient plug-in hybrid cars fair sensation.
Panorama photos from fairs
Panorama photos and 360 degree all around photos from fairs. Show the atmosphere like at ''Waiting for the prime minister''

  See what's driving the future IAA 2007

Fair report from the 62nd international motor show in Frankfurt, all in the sense of “See what's driving the future“. Part 1: Plug-in-Hybrid PHEV. Part 2:other, just building.

Mitsubishi electric car iEV Mitsubishi electric car iEV
130 km/h top speed and 160km range are enough for a small car. Refuel with cheap electric power in the own garage instead of wasting time at the gasoline station.

New electric scooter models from IO New electric scooter models from IO
Unimportant optical unimportant care for a different look of the new models. Deciding is the new stronger wheel hub engine.

New wheel hub engine New wheel hub engine
The deciding difference to the old model is the new wheel hub engine. The earlier IO-scooter model was not able to compete with the E-Max S on the montain, now this is reverse.

Honda Photovoltaic Honda Photovoltaic
Where comes tomorrow the fuel for our cars? Honda shows on the IAA booth the answer with a CIGS thinfilm photovoltaic.

BMW 7 hydrogen with ICE engine BMW 7 hydrogen with ICE engine
Until now, car drivers look only on consumption and emissions ''Tank to Wheel''. But hydrogen makes it necessary to look on the ''Well to Tank'' consumption and emissions.

Mitsubishi iEV interior
They drive on the left side in Japan, let's hope, that this car comes soon also in the rest of the world. Mitsubishi iEV battery
88 of this 50 Ah Lithium cells make 330 Volt and 16 kWh battery capacity. 14 pieces would fit very well as an upgrade in my E-Max S electric scooter. Mitsubishi iEV battery pack
The 50 Ah Lithium cells are organized in blocks with 4 cells. 22 of this blocks with 4 cells yield 88 cells with 330 Volt. Permanent magnet synchronous motor
47 kW electric engine frrom the Mitsubishi iEV electric car with 180 Nm torque. This is used for the rear wheel drive. 50 kW socket
The Mitsubishi electric car iEV has a built in 110 or 220 Volt charger. Here is the socket to connect an external 50 kW fast charger. IO-Scooter Germany
We have to wait some years for all the nice shown Plug-in Hybrid and electric cars. But this electric scooters can be purchased and driven immediately. Charger made in Europe
The charger of the IO-scooters is developt in Europe and special adjusted to the characteristics of silicone sealed lead acid batteries. ESP - Electronic Stability Control
This crash test dummy promotes ESC. In the super winter 2005 to 2006, many deadly accidents would have been avoidable with ESC. Liquid hydrogen tank pipe
On the way to the tank should the -253 degree Celsius cold hydrogen be warmed up ad few as possible. Therefor, the pipe has a big insulation. Liquid hydrogen tank connection
Compared with this, even the coldest winter in Siberia is hot. The tank connection has to create a secure connection to transfer the -253 degree Celsius cold hydrogen.

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