Battery transport

Here stands the new battery for the Fiat Punto of my wife. Anyhow curious, this battery has only 36Ah, while my scooter hat 160 Ah batteries.

Battery transport
Here stands the new battery for the Fiat Punto of my wife. Anyhow curious, this battery has only 36Ah, while my scooter hat 160 Ah batteries.

Test diary February 12th, 2208km
Directory over all our reports about scooters. All our articles about a scooter.

E-Max S E-Max S
The electric scooter as a new means of transport where saving CO2 makes fun. Table of contents about all our contributions about the E-Max S electric scooter.

  E-Max S long time test 2007

Our long time with the E-Max S goes in the next year. Our vehicle goes with 1678.2 km in the year 2007.

Creation responsibility in St.Virgil. car fasting not possible Creation responsibility in St.Virgil. car fasting not possible
It makes to much fun to drive with the electric scooter through a traffic jam and to park every where. So it's by the best will not possible to call it fasting.

Battery test at frost Battery test at frost
The invitation to the peak oil lecture in Traunstein is a welcomed opportunity to test the range of the electric scooter at some degree Celsius minus.

Greensaver Silicon battery
49.6 km journey back from Traunstein to Gartenau at -11 degree Celsius are showing the very good performance from Greensaver Silicon batteries in cold conditions.

Shopping trolley Shopping trolley
How comes all the contence of this shopping trolley on the scooter? Our picture series shows how easy it is.

Sledding Sledding
At last snow. Here I test immediately my electric scooter as a traction engine for the sledges. Video (6.8MB)

Pull 4 sledges Pull 4 sledges
My children told the neighbours about sledding with the electric scooter. So I had Sunday even 4 sledges on the scooter. Video (5,1MB)

Ecological electricity Salzburg Ecological electricity Salzburg
Dr. H. Emil Hocevar from Tamsweg experimented with electric motorcycles 20 years ago. Compared with the 750 Watt engine of this experiment is the E-Max S nearly a racing bike.

Al Gore film at Kirchenwirt in Puch near Hallein Al Gore film at Kirchenwirt in Puch near Hallein
Monday March 26, the film ''an inconvenient truth'' is shown at the Kirchenwirt. As a possibilty to reduce CO2 emissions, I show there my electric scooter.

Fischerwirt near Bischofshofen Fischerwirt near Bischofshofen
At the ascent falls the fuel gauge in the red ara. I say in the service ''An alcohol free beer and electric power''. For 1180 Wh electric power , I give 20 Cent tip.

Repair in Piding
On the day before, I exaggerated at my tests in snow, my first fall with a scooter. The brake handel was bented by the accident. Tomi Engel peak oil lecture in Traunstein
The lecturer Tomi Engel awaits me at the hall near the holy cross church in Traunstein. Electric verhicles are the future. Peak oil lecture from Tomi Engel
Impressive detailed is the lecture of Tomi Engel how it looks like with oil production and new exploration. Big charts with every single oil field are showing: Recharge in Traunstein during the lecture
While I listen to the peak oil lectrure and talk later with the people, my electric scooter is parked in wardrobe and becomes with 2220 Wh recharged for the way back. Way in winter
Because of the stormy wind, I searched an other way from Gartenau to Neu-Anif, but this way ended at a hill and not like expected in Neu-Anif. Shopping bag
I have in the helm locker a big multiple times useable shopping bag. This bag is fixed with a carton beverages on the scooter. Front storage on the scooter
4 bars baguette fits easy into the front storage. Attention! Do not put Your shopping list there. The headwind has astonishing abilities to pull the paper out. Purchase packed on the scooter
Done! The shopping trolley is empty, the shopping bag filled with 21kg. The helm locker and in front are additional 7.5 kg goods stored. Electric scooter on a bicyle road
I do not want that on my gravestone is written “The car driver behind him had summer tires. So I use on the way back advisedly the bicycle road. Video (1,1 MB). Weekly market Freilassing
Before, I found only some hundered meters distant a parking lot. To carry the purchase was laboringly and painfull cutting in the hands. Screw loose - easy repair
On the way to Altenmarkt, the front fender makes noise. At a service in Hallein, a nice mechanic replaces a lost screw. An inconvenient truth in culture house Altenmarkt
In the lobby stands my electric scooter to be recharged. In the hall is the famous Al Gore film shown. After the film and a long discussion are 2088 Wh charged. Thermal engine switch off
About 300m height to Oberplainfeld had been to much with luggage and 2 persons. The sister of my wife goes further afoot while I wait for the engine to cool down.

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