Carbon dioxide values and how they are calculated

It often happens, that different CO2 emissions are published for the same process. Overview about different methods to calculate the GHG emissions of a process.

  Tank to Wheel

At the emission values of Diesel, petrol and natural gas had been the tank to wheel method chosen. A liquid in the tank is burned in the ICE, the emitted carbon dioxide is measured.

All the processes before remain untouches. This means oil production, transport, refinery and distribution to the service stations.. At oil sand and oil shales can this pre processes more than double the emissions.

  Indirect emissions by electric power generation

By this definitions, electric cars and hydrogen cars would be without emissions. Here are the values from the emissions per kWh electric power. Here is only the running power plant observed. The pre processes of the energy source remain unnoticed.

  Production of photovoltaic and wind power plants

By the above definition, electric cars and hydrogen cars would be again without emissions. So at sun and wind is evaluated how much GHG emission occured at the production of the facilities. This emissions are distibuted over 20 years guaranteed lifetime

If there is for a photovoltaic purchases 2000 a reason for a jubilee celebration in 2100, the CHG emission would be only 1/5 from what is published here.

CO2 carbon dioxide
Overview about different aspects of the green house gas prolems. Above all, what will it cost to reach again the normal state?

  CO2 and mobility

How much greenhousegases GHG are emitted at what sort of mobility? What sort of mobility is possible according to climate change and other limiting factors?

45 km/h scooter CO2 emission 45 km/h scooter CO2 emission
The electric scooter with lead batteries is even with electric power from a lignite power plant better than a 4 stroke engine scooter. The red lantern of the worst has the 2 stroke engine scooter.

Renault Kangoo CO2 emission city traffic Renault Kangoo CO2 emission city traffic
The Kangoo is an ideal study object about the CO2 emission of different drive concepts, because it exists as gasoline, diesel, natural gas and plug-in-hybrid vehicle.

Renault Kangoo carbon dioxide out of town Renault Kangoo carbon dioxide out of town
Out of town has also the ICE internal combustion engine a good efficiency. The total superiority of the electric drive system is out of town clearly smaller.

BMW 7 hydrogen BMW 7 hydrogen
Electrolysis and liquefaction of hydrogen requires much electric power. The vehicle needs about 8 times more electric power than a plug-in-hybrid of the same size.

Bicycle CO2 emission Bicycle CO2 emission
Also the production of aliments causes the emission of GHG green house gases. So even the bicycle driver can not be spared out of a CHG emission calculation.

Economize CO2 by renewable energy Economize CO2 by renewable energy
Usually, the electric power production by renewable energy is compared with the production by fossile energy and the CO2 saving is calculated by this.

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